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In some way, technology is trying to modify the parameters that we are used to, whether they are traditional purchases in stores, taking them to an e-commerce level, as well as remote job offers and endless services that we are used to doing in-person now virtual in the Metaverse. Read more about it at websites such as Bitcoin Era App.

Such is the case of the Real Estate sector, one of the sectors that may have the most significant profit in this virtual reality environment, where a large number of companies are forming part of them, in addition to allocating large amounts of capital to invest in what will be the Internet of the future?

Controversy over virtual land

Leaving aside what the buying and selling of virtual land could generate in terms of economic benefits, the idea may be unreal for many people. Still, it is a fact that people and large companies are acquiring properties without defining the help they will get from these.

Purchases made for considerable amounts create doubts about what their owners will do with this type of property if you do not own them physically.

It is there where owners such as the Metaverse Group purchased to create a space where fashion events can be held where not only the clothing collections are exhibited but also said clothing items can be sold for the avatars of the metaverse users.

There could be the answer to that specific case, where obtaining profit through the commercialization of products generated profitable income that justified the acquisition of said virtual land.

The benefits obtained after acquiring a physical property do not compare with what a virtual type can offer since the latter will not be able to provide the security and protection of people for whom a place to live is the main goal as individuals.

The opportunities created around land purchase for its owners are endless, whether to own a property in the Metaverse, build property in said virtual space and give the property much more value or wait for it to appreciate and sell.

There may be many conflicting opinions, but the reality is that when the Internet was created, many concepts seemed absurd and incredible. Today we face technological evolution where social media are replacing traditional personal interrelation processes.

Specialists in systems, informatics, and technology assume that the Metaverse is just in a construction phase where many concepts will seem entirely crazy, but that with the maturation of the project then, the objectives will be given not only in the technology sector but also in transforming the traditional economy and finance.

A virtual economy will be interconnected to our daily life as our emails and constant notifications from social media.

Who invests in land in the Metaverse?

The fact of spending millions of dollars on properties that you cannot physically touch or possess could be crazy for an ordinary person, what happens is that for large corporations, it represents a market opportunity that possibly multiplies those investments of money.

So far in 2022, despite the difficult and complex financial and economic situation that the world powers are going through, it has been seen how the purchases of virtual land within the current Metaverses have increased.

Perhaps the most relevant investments recently are made by companies such as Price Waterhouse consultancy firm Coopers, which is in the final steps to enter what makes up the virtual real estate market of The Sandbox.

On the other hand, the multimillion-dollar investment made by the Metaverse Group in Decentraland reached the sum of 2.4 million dollars.

These are some of the most relevant investments, but the virtual land market is open. It is where companies such as Microsoft, Meta, Nike, Adidas, and many more are willing to invest in this type of Metaverse product.


Many have been incredulous at the ability of the Metaverse to transform the vision of what could be a virtual reality parallel to what we are used to seeing on the traditional Internet.

It is there where the opinions, for example, of Mark Cuban, resound over the ears of many individuals since they feel identified with their position regarding virtual lands and the Metaverse and that these may not continue to evolve, an opinion that could remain in doubt since technology is constantly changing. 

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