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Punish manufacturers shrinking products


Customers shopping at a local supermarket. FILE PHOTO | NMG

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) should crack down on manufacturers quietly downsizing their packages and product sizes without lowering prices.

The practice called shrinkflation has become common as businesses struggle to keep up with rising costs for ingredients, packaging, labour, and transportation while keeping prices unchanged in an inflationary period.

In recent weeks, smaller-sized products have been spotted in local stores and shops, with the cost of ingredients and production rising.

The practice thrives in markets where consumers are not weight conscious, allowing manufacturers to shrink the sizes of products.

The standards body says it is on high alert to catch manufacturers who have shrunk their products without approvals from Kebs. These include steel products that are non-compliant with dimensions, for instance, the mass per meter.

Kebs should now follow up with stern action against rogue manufacturers found exploiting the consumers, including surcharging them.

Consumer lobbies should also be vigilant against shrinkflation cases to help curb the practice.

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