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Protest in support of Ukraine over Russia conflict to be held in Birmingham city center

A march in support of Ukraine is set to be held in Birmingham city center this Sunday (February 27). The rally has been organized after Russian troops began invading Ukraine earlier this week.

Those who attend the Victoria Square event will be protesting against Russia and President Vladimir Putin who has defended the invasion. Ukrainian officials say Russia carried out missile attacks on Kyiv, with at least one apartment building in the capital badly damaged and several injured.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has appealed to Russia for a ceasefire, but it has so far fallen on death ears. Zelensky has also pleaded with Western allies to do more to stop Russia’s assault, after troops seized the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in northern Ukraine.

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Polish people have organized the solidarity march, held at 5pm Sunday, on Facebook. A post from the organizers said: “In the early hours of Thursday, February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine.

“As Poles, we want to show our solidarity and gather in Victoria Square to be together as a community, share our emotions and light a symbolic candle in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Flame and smoke rise from the debris of a privet house in the aftermath of Russian shelling outside Kyiv, Ukraine

“Many of us worry about friends and family in the country and some about the fate of Poland, if the conflict develops further. But all of us as migrants can empathize with Ukrainians living and working in Poland who left their families back home.

“The memory or the last war is also quite fresh in our corner of Europe. We stand with Ukraine, even while so far, even only symbolically – Ukraine is in our hearts.”

Birmingham MP Tahir Ali was recently ordered to remove his name from a letter accusing the UK Government of “disdain for Russian concerns” over Ukraine.

He was one of 11 Labor MPs to sign a letter from a group called Stop the War, which called for a settlement which “addresses Russia’s security concerns”.

A Labor spokesperson told BirminghamLive: “The small number of Labor MPs that signed the Stop The War statement have all now withdrawn their names. This shows Labor is under new management.

“With Keir Starmer’s leadership there will never be any confusion about whose side Labor is on – Britain, NATO, freedom and democracy – and every Labor MP now understands that.”

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