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President Donald J. Biden

For someone who ran as an anti-Trump, President Biden has recently been given something of an orange hue. When the Covid variant known as Omicron appeared, Mr Biden rushed through a travel ban on South Africa and seven other sub-equatorial states. Still, candidate Biden had called it a “disgrace.” when Mr Trump in February 2020 introduced a similar ?? African ban. ?? Mr. Biden thought it was “designed to make it harder for black and brown people?” to come here.

That seems to make sense to Mr Biden now. Then again, when Mr. Biden took office, he ended the Trump administration’s successful “Stay in Mexico?” immigration program. He set the battle in motion by calling it inhuman. Since then, the border situation has become so serious that it reappears as a political issue. Now, under pressure from the court, the administration has agreed to revive Mr. Trump’s policy with ?? in typical Biden manner ?? humanitarian improvements.

Sir. Biden campaigned to bring America back to the articles on reconciliation with Iran. He harshly criticized the Trump administration for pulling out. In the White House, Mr. Bid, however, somehow that Iran is resistant to US diplomacy and is determined to pursue its nuclear program regardless. Nor will the ayatollahs allow negotiations on ballistic missiles, drones, human rights and support for terrorism ?? all the questions Mr. Trump pressed on. Now the Vienna negotiations are collapsing.

At hustings promised Mr. Bid to “repair”. American relations with communist China. In particular, he promised to end the “trade war”. over tariffs levied by President Trump. Yet the tariffs have remained in place. Sir. Biden also continues the efforts made during the Trump administration to crack down on Chinese Communist Chinese espionage in the United States, to oppose Beijing’s intrusive and destabilizing belt and road initiative, and to remain firm in relations with Taiwan.

After first imposing a moratorium on the rental of oil and gas wells in the Gulf of Mexico, Donald J. Biden embarked on an auction that would allow drilling to begin. Mr. Trump’s cold head and successful pursuit of American energy independence would never have put such resources out in the first place. The Biden team was forced to allow the auction under a court order, but with gas prices up, the administration got with the Trump program.

Despite widespread outrage from the troop and its flank by the Democratic Party over Mr. Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the relocation of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv, Mr. The bite did not take steps to reverse it. decision. There has been talk of reopening the old US consulate in Jerusalem to deal with businesses affecting Palestinians, but this idea has come under bipartisan shelling and will be slow to come, if at all.

Mr. The orange hue of the bite is breathtaking. There is always a shift when the electoral rhetoric collides with reality. Yet this goes further, withdrawing from the notion that any Trump policy should be met with maximum nuisance. In power, Mr. Biden discovers that many of Mr. Trump’s policies fall into good soil with voters. If only the White House would adopt more of Mr. Trump’s economic and regulatory policies, Mr. The bite might make America amazing again.


Image: Presidents Biden and Trump, from Wikipedia Commons.


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