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Many companies have been incorporated into the creation of the Metaverse, where small, medium and large companies will exhibit their best attributes through products and services in a decentralized and utterly virtual way. Visit Official Website for more information like this.

For this reason, Disney could not be left out; the most important entertainment companies worldwide have begun to take their first steps in the virtual world that the Metaverse will offer.

The main objective for Disney this year is to begin to create what will be the future of immersive experiences by making use of outstanding technological projects that can take full advantage of their new platforms, thus accelerating the growth of this type of company.

Disney’s new technology will be based on virtual reality, augmented reality, NFT, and the emergence of artificial intelligence as a critical element in the development of Disney’s Metaverse.

What is Polygon?

It constitutes a protocol of the Matic network, which contributes to increasing the scalability of Ethereum, which means that it allows more excellent information processing, benefiting the generation of blocks in the chain.

On the other hand, it uses the proof of participation method as a consensus strategy, making information processing more effective and faster, where developers find an automatic response.

The growth that Polygon has achieved after the failure of Terra is quite considerable because many other Decentralized Applications are adopting it.

On the other hand, it has managed to sign agreements with large companies in the field of technology, such as Reddit Good Ghosting, Slingshot, and Flipkart Firedrops, to name a few.

This technology is also making inroads into the NFT aspect that attracts the attention of many, taking advantage of blockchain technology to create avatars in NFT format.

The future of immersive experiences for Disney

Walt Disney has announced its plans regarding incorporating the brand into the immersive experiences developed by the Metaverse, which is why it has selected around six companies specialized in the area of technology and augmented reality.

The Disney Accelerator project consists of a preparation program where the participating companies will receive all the information related to the Disney Senior team, merging the technological advance concepts of all parties.

This program will culminate with a demonstration day of what it is hoped will be the following Disney entertainment experiences in the future, assuring present and future generations and audiences of magical experiences that will be transmitted for the next 100 years.

Disney selected companies to carry out this Metaversic project are Flickplay, Obsess, Inworld, Lockerverse, Network 6, and Polygon.

Why does Disney choose Polygon?

The business program designed by The Walt Disney Company is oriented to the blockchain platform, which is why it has selected the one that represents the solution in terms of Ethereum scalability and is known as Polygon.

This company has been selected for its innovative capacity in terms of the cryptocurrency ecosystem; specifically, Disney will focus on NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The intention is to adapt to emerging technologies. Of course, Blockchain and Web3 are the main objectives of the leading entertainment company.

Immersive experiences through augmented reality and the creation of spaces where virtual stores are available that facilitate the acquisition of the products and services that Disney offers the world is a colossal strategy, and that is why I consider the major related companies to the topic.

These associations have not only had an impact at the corporate level but also at the level of the valuation of Polygon’s MATIC token, which increased its valuation in a matter of weeks from 4% to more than 15%.


We are in the stage of creating alliances, which undoubtedly represents an exciting step for the entertainment and technology industries since they could be considered the sectors with the most significant impact on society worldwide.

Now is the time for Disney; it is a matter of waiting for the evolution of all this machinery, not only of teams, devices, creatives, and developers but also of large amounts of money willing to create a virtual world that is just being formed.

All this is to continue satisfying the needs of consumers and, of course, the search for new potential sources of income in perhaps the sector that will lead the economy worldwide, and is known as technology.

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