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Poll: Do you know your partner’s phone PIN code?

Oppo Find X2 Pro pin code unlock screen

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

All of you should have a PIN code or some other form of authentication on your smartphone, preventing unauthorized people from accessing your device and serving as a security measure for theft.

But are you the only one who knows your phone’s PIN code or does your loved one know it as well? That’s what we want to know in today’s featured poll, so check it out below.

Do you know your partner’s phone PIN code?

221 votes

We can understand why you and your partner would share PIN codes. This could be handy in case one of you needs access to the other’s phone in a jiffy (e.g. for deliveries, accessing contacts, when one person is driving and can’t use their phone, etc). It’s also not unheard of for couples to share their phones’ PIN code access as part of an open phone policy in general, although that’s a topic for another time.

Then again, I can see why you wouldn’t share your phone’s PIN code with a loved one or vice-versa. Your phone is one of the most personal things you own, after all.

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