Plans for 37 new homes passed despite concerns over nearby crossroads

Plans for the construction of 37 new homes including eight affordable homes and associated works in Dosthill Road, Tamworth were passed this week. The planning application came before committee on Tuesday night.

Speaking on behalf of Tamworth and District Civic Society, Richard Kingstone said: “Overall the society is very pleased to see that this site and the awful frontage to the old A5 Watling Street is due for renovation. It is hoped that this area can be developed at pace and repair years of neglect.

“Our concerns are around the poor design of the development and the impact on the Two Gates crossroads.

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“If you look at the plans you can see there is an awful amount of private drives. Should we not be aiming to make developments of this nature the very best for residents and Tamworth as a whole. We all know how bad Two Gates crossroads is at the moment. Put yet another development so close to it without mitigation and infrastructure changes and you are asking for trouble. Two Gates is one of the highest pollution areas for miles around and this application wants to increase the standing traffic without doing anything about it . ”

Katherine O Toole, agent on behalf of the client, said: “The site is allocated for residential development in the adopted Local Plan. It forms part of the Wilnecote regeneration corridor which aims to improve the environment around Wilnecote railway station. The proposal will deliver a mix of housing to meet various needs. It has been subject to various discussions with the highways authority. Traffic counts have also been undertaken including speed data to inform this assessment. This concluded that the junction has sufficient capacity to accommodate the proposed development.

“The site layout, including proposed access, has been designed to comply with relevant county council standards. The highway authority have confirmed no objections to the proposal subject to conditions which have been included. Air and noise concerns have also been raised by local residents. The environmental protection officer has no objections and responded the proposal is unlikely to affect pollution in the area. The design has been subject to extensive discussions with officers and amendments have resulted in a reduction from 40 to 37 units. In summary it has been demonstrated that “the proposed development is in accordance with all relevant local and national policies and no objections from the statutory consultees. There is no planning reason why permission should not be granted.”

Cllr Moira Greatorex said: “I do not see how 80 or more cars will not be adding to pollution. Coming and going to work, taking kids to school, going shopping and going to all sorts, how can that not cause pollution? ”

John Harper added: “The A5 is becoming a real problem and it is going to get even worse as years go by. The development is welcome because this is a particularly scruffy area and needs to be upgraded. I think this is probably an acceptable development but we have got to monitor it very carefully and look towards the future because we have got a lot of problems coming up and they are going to hit us very soon. ”

Chris Cooke said: “Although it is an acceptable development I would want to be careful. In rush hour especially that area is an absolute nightmare. Even minor roadworks there have been mayhem. ”

Simon Goodall said: “I think it is a good development in a location that makes good use of the existing land that appears to have been derelict for a number of years. It’s in the Local Plan and that is our first port of call. As far as traffic is concerned I think we have to be careful to assume that everyone goes out at the same time of morning and through that junction. ”

Daniel Maycock added: “It is a needed development in a needed area. It has been this way for a very long time and is an eyesore. ”

Richard Ford said: “There are major issues surrounding the Two Gates junction, it is not a new thing, but this development is one of the ones that the evils are outweighed incredibly by the pros. This is an unused development that has been vacant for years. ”

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