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Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin: TV/Stream


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Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin – TV/Stream 

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     In the new series for Peacock, several years after we last saw him in
“Pitch Perfect,” Adam Devine’s Bumper Allen moves to Germany to revive his
music career when one of his songs becomes big in Berlin.


     To think this journey began over 15 years ago – from the discovery of Mickey
Rapkin’s book
, to three incredible films, and now a television series. We could
never have imagined the life that this story would take on. It was really
important to us that Bumper in Berlin be recognizable to the fans, for its
irreverent comedy and phenomenal music, but also entirely distinct from what
you’ve seen before. We wanted to honor The Barden Bellas and the Pitch Perfect
world, while expanding into a fresh and brilliantly weird character journey.
This story is about second chances, friendship, and the idea that your dreams
can come true in unexpected ways – anywhere in the world, at any point in your
life. When we brought Megan Amram on board, it was clear she shared that vision
and brought the whole Berliner world and characters to life in a way that only
Megan could.

     I have so much love for this cast – they are just the most talented and
hilarious group of people. It’s been so fun watching Adam Devine grow as an
actor and artist, from his first Pitch Perfect audition over ten years ago. And
it’s been an absolute joy seeing Sarah Hyland, Jameela Jamil, Lera Abova and
the fully-fleshed Berliner Flula Borg bringing their own brilliance and
outstanding performances. We also worked with incredible musicians and artists
to write songs that really speak to each character. It’s just been an amazing
journey and we’re so excited for the world to see this story continue to



Guten tag! Or, if you’re reading this at night: Guten abend! But if it’s night,
please, put down your work. Be present. Have a nice dinner at a local
restaurant. Tell them Megan sent you.


      I am deeply excited to share with you the first season of Pitch Perfect: Bumper
in Berlin. This show is a spin-off series from the Pitch Perfect movie
franchise, and it has been so fun playing in the Pitch Perfect sandbox. I have
been honored to have been brought into the Pitch Perfect fold by Elizabeth
Banks. Like many of you, I saw the movies in the theaters a decade ago and
laughed my butt off. My toes have still never recovered from how hard I tapped



     With Bumper in Berlin, the other producers and I decided we wanted to expand
the world of Pitch Perfect into something recognizable yet unique. We wanted to
keep what made the movies special but create a new world that felt completely
original. To take the elements of the movies we know and love — the humor, the
camaraderie, and the music — and make it something sweet and absurd. Two
beloved characters from the movies are joined by a whole new cast of characters
who hopefully inject a freshness and absurdity to the franchise the world
already adores.



     Adam Devine is an absolute treasure – consistently funny and sweet. Sarah
Hyland and Adam have incredible chemistry and she has the pipes of a bona fide 
superstar. Flula Borg is as funny as expected but brings a grounded, beating
heart to the show. Jameela Jamil steals every scene she’s in and our newcomer
Lera Abova is insanely talented and we’re so excited to be introducing the world
to her.

     Plus, we got to make this whole show in Berlin! The Windy City! City of Lights!
The city they wrote “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” about! I
absolutely fell in love with Berlin. It is so vibrant, inspiring, and unique,
and I am thrilled this show will introduce a whole slew of Americans to a city
that has not been represented heavily in American TV.


      I hope this show makes you laugh, smile, sing, and ask, “why is there a
real German word that translates to ‘a child who is as tall as threcheeses'”?”
This show has been an absolute joy to make. Thank you so much for watching.


Showrunner / Writer / Executive Producer: Megan Amram 

Executive Producers: Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman of Brownstone
Productions, Paul Brooks and Scott Neimeyer of Gold Circle Films, Adam

Executive Producer (episode
1) / Director (episodes 1-2)
: Todd Strauss-Schulson  

Executive Producer / Producing Director (episodes 3, 4, 6): Richie

Director (episodes 5): Maureen Bharoocha 

Produced by: Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio

Cast: Adam Devine, Flula Borg, Sarah Hyland, Lera Abova, Jameela Jamil




     ADAM DEVINE (Righteous Gemstones, Workahaolics) will play Bumper
, who, after his a cappella TikTok goes viral in Berlin, moves to
Germany to pursue his dreams of becoming an international pop star. He sets his
sights on the national German Unity Day concert, and vows to work as hard as he
can to transition from acapella amateur into bona fide superstar. In Germany,
he feels like a fish out of mustard, but he knows he can do anything he sets
his mind to.


     FLULA BORG (Pitch Perfect 2, The Suicide Squad, Curb Your
) will play Pieter Krämer who has transitioned
from German a cappella star to discredited German music manager. He signs
Bumper as his only client, and brings him to Berlin to pursue his dreams.

      SARAH HYLAND (Modern Family, The Wedding Year) will
play Heidi, Pieter and Bumper’s cheery and slightly odd American
assistant. While working on Bumper’s team by day, she secretly harbors dreams
of being a singer-songwriter herself, and moonlights by performing original
songs in a Berlin cabaret.



     LERA ABOVA (Anna) will play Thea Krämer,
Piëter’s sister and a prominent Berlin DJ and music producer. She performs in
clubs all over the city as DJ Das Boot. She is as cool as Berlin in December



     JAMEELA JAMIL (The Good Place, She Hulk) will play a
bombastic and flashy up-and-coming German pop star. Gisela is
Pieter’s ex-girlfriend and Bumper’s main rival at the German Unity Day concert.
She will stop at nothing to beat him to stardom. 

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