Pictures from AlTayeb, Metro Detroit’s popular Lebanese restaurant

AlTayeb at 15010 W. Warren Ave., Dearborn. “itemprop =” image “/>The fava beans for the fool at Al Tayeb are an integral part of a Lebanese breakfast, and are cooked for 20 hours before being ready to be served. “itemprop =” image “/>Diners enjoy a wide variety of breakfast dishes. “Itemprop =” image “/>

Chef Ahmad Sanji draws from his knowledge of Italian and French cuisine to prepare traditional Lebanese dishes. “Itemprop =” image “/>Susan Zaher serves the busy breakfast crowd and often trains first-time customers about traditional Lebanese breakfast dishes. “Itemprop =” image “/>Customers enjoy a wide variety of msabbaha, falafel, olives, eggs with meat, fools, hummus, spicy potato, jalapeño sauce and vegetables Al Tayeb, all dishes that have made Al Tayeb famous and recognized by New York Times on their list of “50 places in America we are most excited about right now.” “itemprop =” image “/>Sana Noureddine, the family matriarch, has prepared a special version of roast beef that has been marinated for days in its unique blend of spices, and carries it to the table for family dinners. “itemprop =” image “/>Despite the challenges of opening an additional restaurant and being understaffed during the pandemic, the Hamade and Sanji families still manage to gather for family meals. “itemprop =” image “/>After dinner, the Hamade family completes the meal with the traditional Lebanese herbal tea Zhourat with Noureddine’s bespoke brew of rosebuds, chamomile and dried cranberries along with delicacies such as Kanafeh and Halawet El Jiben from Lebon Sweets in Dearborn Heights. “Itemprop =” image “/>Back row: Wael Hamade, Maher Hamade, Ahmad Sanji, Mirna Hamade, Samer Hamade. Middle row: Ali Hamade, Sana Noureddine. Front row: Elan Sanji, Malek Sonji. “itemprop =” image “/>Homemade pickle and tomato plates that chef Ahmad offers for each table as an accompaniment to all the dishes served. “itemprop =” image “/>A busy Saturday morning at AlTayeb in Dearborn. “itemprop =” image “/>The small but mighty kitchen produces food for about 160 tickets on any given Saturday morning. “itemprop =” image “/>

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