Petrol selling for as low as 145.9p in Greater Manchester as fuel prices fall

Unleaded petrol prices have dropped to as low as 145.9pa liter in Greater Manchester as the cost of fuel continues to ease. Today’s round-up (Tuesday, April 12) of the ten cheapest forecourts across the region shows prices ranging from 145.9p to 155.9pa liters.

All within 25 miles of Manchester city center, the cheapest petrol according to is a garage in S tockport. The BP Hazel Grove service station on Buxton Road has been logged as selling unleaded at 145.9p.

Morrisons Failsworth on Oldham Road is also selling petrol at the lower price of 155.7p – there’s also a Tesco and Sainsburys garage in the list of cheapest unleaded petrol.

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Petrol prices have begun to lower since Chancellor Rishi Sunak dropped fuel duty by 5p on March 23. It was aimed at helping lower soaring costs of fuel as the Russia-Ukraine war deepens.

The Manchester Evening News has listed the 10 cheapest petrol providers in and around Manchester. All prices were up to date as of Tuesday April 12.

These are the cheapest places for a liter of unleaded petrol within a 25 mile radius of Manchester city center.

  • BP, Hazel Grove Service Station, Buxton Road, Stockport, 145.9p
  • Tesco Northwich, Manchester Road, Cheshire, 154.9p

  • Morrisons Failsworth, Oldham Road, Oldham, 155.7p

  • Morrisons Oldham, Hollinwood Avenue, Oldham, 155.7p

  • Morrisons Denton, Saxon Street, Denton, 155.7p

  • Morrisons Bredbury, Stockport Road West, 155.7p

  • Morrisons Dunkinfield, Foundry Street, Dunkinfield, 155.7p

  • Morrisons Hyde, Mottram Road, Hyde, 155.7p

  • Morrisons Huddersfield, Penistone Road, Huddersfield, 155.7p

  • Sainsburys Denton, Oldham Street, Denton, 155.9p

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