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Peru’s new president rules out elections after ouster and arrest of Castillo

Peru’s new president has ruled out early elections after the ouster and arrest of his predecessor, Martin Vizcarra.

The move was widely expected after Vizcarra dissolved Congress last month and called new elections, prompting a backlash from lawmakers who accused him of trying to cling to power.

Congress chief Francisco Sagasti was sworn in as interim president on Tuesday, and speaking to reporters afterwards, he said that early elections would not be held.

“The priority now is to govern well, and that requires stability,” he said.

Sagasti is a respected figure in Peru’s politics, and his appointment has been broadly welcomed by both the opposition and Vizcarra’s allies.

He has said that his main priority as president is to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, which has hit Peru hard.

The country has recorded more than 1,000 deaths from the virus, and its economy is expected to contract by around 9% this year.

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