Payment warning: Credit and debit cards may be declined from Monday | Personal Finance | Finance

Late in January, First Direct told current account holders: “As we get closer to the regulatory date, the number of times you’ll notice you’re asked to verify it’s you making the payment will increase.

“‘If the retailer is not ready for the new process, there could be times when your card might be declined.”

If people make regular payments for subscriptions on their card such as Netflix or Spotify, they will not be asked to enter a code each time the money leaves their account.

It’s important that the bank has all of someone’s contact details so there are alternative ways of reaching them, such as mobile and landline numbers and an email address.

Lloyds bank warned: “To help keep you and your accounts safer from fraud when you use your debit or credit card to shop online, we’ll ask you more often to confirm it’s really you making the payment.

“You might have already seen this happening when you shop online, and it’ll happen more often from now on.”

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