Paramedics respond to man falling off of a building in Greenock

EYEWITNESSES have told how they watched a man plummet from the side of a building on a busy Greenock street.

Two ambulances rushed to West Blackhall Street at 5pm today after a man crashed onto the pavement while climbing up a drainpipe.

An eyewitness, who did not wish to be named, told the Tele that the man had been trying to reach the window of a property on the top floor when he fell.

They said: “He was trying to climb up the plastic guttering on the outside of the building.

“He got quite high up and then the pipe just snapped.

“I saw him fall straight down, landing on his head, but he was moving and moaning on the ground.”

Another eyewitness said they had seen people nearby rush to help the stricken man.

They added: “People were over checking on him before the ambulance arrived.

“The paramedics were working on him on the floor for a while.

“There was lots of blood, I hope he’s alright.”

There is currently no update on the man’s condition.

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