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(WSVN) – Thousands of people contacted Help Me Howard this year. Many had problems that are common … and then you get the problems that are incredibly unique. How unusual? Let’s bring Help Me Howard in with Patrick Fraser to talk about them.

We’ve never seen this before: A landlord destroys his own parking space in a dispute with a tenant.

Roberto Salas: “I thought, ‘What’s going on? This is like an earthquake or something.'”

Roberto Salas is one of the owners of United Auto Center in Davie.

He and the landlord, Charles Rowars, have sued each other in court.

Roberto Salas: “So you know he does a lot of things to hurt me.”

In the midst of the legal battle, the landlord sent a front loader out to not only tear Roberto’s parking lot to pieces, but also block customers from entering the car dealership.

Roberto Salas: “We can in no way do business like this. This is insane; I do not know how to describe it.”

You described it well, Robert. It’s crazy and it’s in court so we’ll tell you how it ends.

Speaking of uniquely crazy, legally speaking, “Man” is Wilfredo’s name. Why?

Wilfredo Quiles: “I was released from the hospital without my name on the birth certificate.”

And then a talented person wrote his name as “Man” on the birth certificate, even though his mother called him Wilfredo when she came home from the hospital.

Wilfredo Quiles: “So I filed my tax return Wilfredo Quiles. I work with Wilfredo Quiles.”

Then the state of Florida refused to renew his driver’s license, saying he was not named Wilfredo. His birth certificate said he was called “Male”.

Wilfredo Quiles: “I have sometimes given up hope.”

We got it fixed, Wilfredo got a license.

Now he can get back on the road.

Wilfredo Quiles: “I got a valid ID and a driver’s license thanks to Help Me Howard.”

We could also help Dalia find what she was looking for, but it was not a perfect ending.

Dalia Santana: “I was 6. He went in a hurry and I wanted to give him a kiss.”

Dalia had wanted to hug her father that day. She did not, and she never saw him again.

Her grandmother told her he was just leaving them, and 58 years later she found out they had not told the truth.

Dalia Santana: “I found his death certificate and I just sat there crying. I just could not believe that he was really dead. “

Dalia wanted to visit her father’s grave to make sure he was dead.

She could not find him. She asked us to help.

Dalia Santana: “I want to know where he was buried. I want to go down there and be able to mourn.”

While doing our research, we discovered that her father, Marino Martinez, did not leave Dalia.

He was murdered, and 58 years ago he was buried in a cemetery once called Paradise Memorial.

We told Dalia.

Dalia Santana: “Oh, my God. I can not believe this. Oh god. Oh god.”

And that was when it became clear to me. Despite her father’s death certificate, until that moment Dalia was still hoping that her father was alive.

Dalia Santana: “I thought one day he would just show up and say, ‘Here I am. Sorry.'”

Sorry, Dalia, sorry.

Now let’s end with a slightly unique story.

Eileen Silio: “Bunnies. I was shaken. I thought ‘Wow.’

Eileen was shaken by “Breeding Bunnies,” a painting in Allapattah of two rabbits smoking while doing what rabbits do.

Eileen Silio: “Having sex, smoking some kind of cigar, cigarette, and I think it does not belong in the entrance of a neighborhood, and for me to have to drive past there with my children in the car.”

Eileen considers it cruel.

The property owner considers the work of creator Jules Muck to be unique art.

And the city of Miami agrees. It’s legal.

Eileen Silio: “It made me feel awful.”

Because the breeding rabbits do not jump away.

Eileen Silio: “Paint something else. Paint a rabbit or paint two, but let them be part of a sexual act.”

I do not know if it is better to have a unique problem, such as a landlord destroying his own parking space to damage a tenant’s business, or a common problem, such as a contractor taking the money and not doing the work. But no matter what, we will be here to help you find a way to solve it.

Give us the name of your problem, and park it in our place, and let’s go to it to help.

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