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Nita Strauss: ‘Alcohol was extremely, extremely harmful in my personal life’

During performance on “Guitar autopsy”, the video podcast hosted by Rusten Cooley, ALICE COOPER guitarist Nita Strauss talked about how she managed to lose 50 pounds and get sober while touring back in 2015.

“My whole approach to sobriety and health and fitness is to educate, but never force,” she said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). “I never wanted it to be like ‘You have to stop drinking. You have to do cardio every day’ or whatever. The only thing I can share is really what worked for me, and it was that alcohol was extremely, extremely harmful in my personal life.

“I got sober in 2015 and I basically decided just to get the most out of it and said, ‘If I want to do this, then I do it right,'” she continued. “And I switched from going to the bar after the show to going to the barbell in the morning, for lack of a better expression. [Laughs] I ended up with good bodybuilding trainers [helped] me [with] my diet and my workout while on the go. I use the right supplements, I eat the right food. I have dietitians at RP Strength, I have a training coach, I take all the right supplements, I drink my green drinks, I take all my vitamins and stay on track. And the more I did, the more people in our society – the rock and metal community – began to ask how I did it. And I wrote these long captions on my phone: ‘First of all, you drink a lot of water …’ da da da. And then I thought, why not inspire people to do more. So I created ‘Body Shred’. And ‘Body Shred’ is the first fitness challenge I know of that targets the music community. “

Nita celebrated the six-year anniversary of her sobriety last September.

A year ago, Strauss credited her longtime boyfriend and manager Josh Villalta helping her live her life without alcohol. At the time, she wrote: “I thought I needed a drink for almost everything. To be confident on stage. To be social after shows. To celebrate. To grieve. To take the edge of frustration or the sting out of a bad day.Relaxing and laughing for lunch with girlfriends, or watching football with the guys on Sunday.I was afraid that my life would change, that without alcohol I would not be ME anymore, that I would lose my circle of friends, and my charisma on stage, and become someone else.All those things happened … but not the way I thought they would.

“Change came first in my relationship, in the form of less struggles and drama, and more productivity, peace and love. Thank you @thejoshv for being the catalyst for the best I’ve ever done for myself. I love you.

“The ME I was before would have been up until 6 o’clock in the bar or in the front lounge of the bus. The ME I stayed in would rather get up at 6 o’clock and come to the gym before the day started.

“My busy circle of friends was almost immediately reduced to a core 3. I’ve learned that when it comes to friendships, quality is ALWAYS better than quantity. If your friends have no interest in spending time with you, after you have made a change for the better, they were not your real friends.

“My first show without alcohol was in front of 15,000 people. I felt like a scarecrow, someone had lined up on stage to scare birds. Nothing felt natural. I was working on this absurd idea that ran through my head, “Everyone is looking at me. Everyone knows that.”

“I got off the bus to talk to fans afterwards, and do you know what they said? ‘Wow, you were so amazing! Where do you get all that energy from? You add so much to Alice’s band!’

“ALL the uncertainty, ALL the fear, ALL the doubt was in my head. It’s your demons that make you think you need them.

“I just sit at the bar, order a soda with lime and watch the game now. I would not trade back to my old life for anything.”

Back in 2018, Nita spoke openly about how she finally became sober in September 2015, saying her boyfriend has always been “a tough-love type” in the way she approached her sobriety. “He’s like, ‘Look, you’re on this path, and I support you, but I’m not changing the way I do things at all,” she explained in an interview with “Chasing Glory With Lilian Garcia”. “And I’m a little glad, in hindsight, that he did that because it threw me into the fire and showed me, ‘Hey, you can be [around people who are drinking] and do not drink. ‘ He has been drinking all the way through [this entire period], but he did not want me to drink, because when I drink, I started fighting, and I would get emotional, and I would overreact to stupid things that you do when you drink – it’s part of drinking ; it increases all your emotions and everything. ” Nita also revealed that she has never participated in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to help her stay sober.

Strauss have played with Alice Cooper since 2014, when she replaced Australian musician and former Michael Jackson player Orianthi. She came along Alice in time for a mammoth MOTLEY CRUE trip. She was recommended that Cooper by the legendary rocker’s former bassist and WINGER frontman Chicken wings.

Nita‘s debut solo album, “Controlled chaos”, was released in 2018 via Sumerian records. A follow-up effort will come next year.

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