New UK Trailer for French Trapped-in-a-High-Rise Horror ‘The Tower’

by Alex Billington
August 2, 2023
Source: YouTube

The Tower Trailer

“It’s a total void.” Signature Entertainment in the UK has revealed an official trailer with English subtitles for a French horror thriller film titled The Tower. This first premiered at the 2022 Deauville Film Festival last year, and it also played at the Sitges, Rome, and Fantasy Filmfests. From the description, it’s a French version of Ben Wheatley’s High-Rise thriller, about how the residents of a build going crazy when they have to figure out how to survive together. The inhabitants of a tower wake up one morning to find that their building is shrouded in an opaque fog, obstructing doors and windows – a strange dark matter that devours anything that tries to pass through it. Trapped, the residents try to organize themselves, but to ensure their survival, they gradually succumb to their most primitive instincts, then sink into horror. The Tower stars Angéle Mac, Hatik, Kylian Larmonie, Merveille Nsombi, Nicolas Pignon, Igor Kovalsky, Marie Rémond, and Ahmed Abdel Laoui. This looks absolutely horrifying once all of them descend into chaos.

Here’s the official UK trailer (+ two posters) for Guillaume Nicloux’s The Tower, direct from YouTube:

The Tower Poster

The Tower Poster

This bone-chilling thriller brings a whole new meaning to being scared of the dark. Inhabitants of a tower block wake up one morning to find a black veil shrouding all the windows and doors of the building – a black veil which devours anything and anyone who tries to go through it. Stuck inside together, families organize themselves but time passes and nothing changes. They gradually return to their most primitive instincts and now respond to a single watchword: survival. The Tower, also known as La Tour in French, is both written and directed by French filmmaker Guillaume Nicloux, director of many films including The Octopus, A Private Affair, Hanging Offense, The Stone Council, The Key, The Nun, Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq, Valley of Love, The End, To the Ends of the World, and Thalasso most recently. It’s produced by Bruno Nahon and Sylvie Pialat. This originally opened in France in February earlier this year. Signature Ent. will debut The Tower direct-to-VOD in the UK on September 25th, 2023. Want to watch?

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