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New pie and mash company brings taste of London to North Devon

A new pie and mash company has opened in Bideford, bringing a taste of London to North Devon.

Old London Pie ‘N’ Mash Co. was launched at Affinity Shopping Center last week and served the traditional London dish with pie, mash and spirits.

And the cockney favorite has sold like hot pies.

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“I’ve been run off my feet and feel exhausted, but it’s worth every second!” said the proud new owner, Dianna Mitchson.

Dianna Mitchson has been dreaming of serving her beloved pie ‘n mash for years

Dianna, who moved to Devon 15 years ago, said that with her family, pie and mash was what she really missed about leaving the capital.

“I was born in London and raised with pie and mash, it was a common family pampering.

“I still remember the lady who served the food about 45 years ago.

“The enthusiasm that Londoners get over pie and mash is like no other,” she said.

And Dianna, who has been dreaming of opening a cafe for years, says she has been blown away by the reaction she has received in Devon.

“I am overwhelmed by the response and I feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful people since the open day on Wednesday.”

The minced beef pies are served with lightly salted mash, which has only been lightly mashed and parsley sauce made from potato water.

It is customary to eat Cockney comfort food with vinegar or chili vinegar.

“As far as I know, we’re the only ones making traditional London pie and mash in Devon,” said Dianna, who said she had even heard of people ordering from London.

She added that the new venture had proved such a big hit that she might consider opening more branches in the future.

Old London Pie & Mash Co. is located in the food court at the Affinity Devon Outlet Shopping Center in Bideford.

Opening hours are currently Monday to Saturday, 12-18.

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