Minimal, refined and organic – it fits ALL my three words…

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*This post contains a collaboration with Sezane & gifted products

I feel like I talk about this on Instagram every single day – but, did you know that I finally got round to doing a personal styling session with the one and only, Allison Bornstein? A YouTube video is on its way and I’m going to boil down the advice she gave me into a blog post too. So in the meantime I’ll let you in on a little insight she gave me into my three words. If you’re new to the method it’s the idea of having three words that can sum up your style and help you to navigate styling on a daily basis and be your North Star when making future purchases. I’d already settled on neutral as my first word but Allison threw ‘refined‘ and ‘organic‘ into the mix and I was like ‘THAT IS SO PERFECT’. So this month’s Sezane* drop from yours truly encapsulates every single one of my three words – the sandals are refined, the dress is minimal and the bag is organic and let me tell you I am *feeling* myself in this outfit. Here are a few buying and styling tips…

Buy the bag. Honestly the Paloma Basket Bag* is perhaps the most perfect raffia tote I’ve found. I love the slim straps and the additional side pockets, but most of all – I love that fact that it’s soft and malleable. Not only does this mean that it’s less likely to snap and break like firmer styles, it’s so much easier to pack in your suitcase for taking on your travels and it just adds a nice bit of a slouchy texture to your outfit.

Unexpected item in bagging area. A raffia bag is a handy one to have in your collection because you can use it for another method in Allison’s toolkit – the ‘wrong bag‘ theory. The same idea works with shoes too, but it’s the idea that picking a bag that’s a little unexpected given the rest of the outfit you’re wearing. Maybe you’re wearing a blazer, t-shirt and some tailored trousers. You might typically reach for something leather to go with that, but why not try a straw tote? It switches up the look and can add that something something that sometimes it’s hard to find. It’s also going to come in so handy for transitional styling too when things can start to feel a bit heavy, throw on this to give a lighter vibe.

Jazz it up. The Maxine Dress* is beautifully minimal (for size reference I’m wearing a M). But why not treat it like the perfect canvas to hang off the rest of your three words from? Given the whole ‘refined‘ thing I’ve added some bolder, but still chic, jewellery – it gives that sort of elegant edge, a bit of interest. Then for ‘organic‘ I’ve added the bag. I really feel like this bag is going to come in so useful whenever I find outfits are lacking in that quality.

The ‘in-between’ sandal. We all know that it’s the summer of the ‘barely-there‘ sandal, but I find having something that’s a bit more ‘in-between‘ is really helpful too. Especially when you have a day that involves a load of walking. They can be a little more comfortable and just have the support that you need. For reference I find it’s better to size up in Sezane shoes (I’m wearing a 40 in the Judith Sandals*).