Videos show MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell repeatedly and angrily lashing out at lawyers for former Dominion Voting Systems executive Eric Coomer in multiple depositions this year, once over an attorney’s suggestion that Lindell fielded “lumpy pillow calls.”

Coomer sued Lindell in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, accusing the pillow tycoon of defaming him by claiming that he was part of a conspiracy to rig the election against former President Donald Trump.

Lawyers for Coomer this week filed a motion asking a judge to sanction Lindell and force him to be deposed in court after three depositions in the case quickly went off the rails.

Video excerpts of the depositions, flagged on X, formerly Twitter, by Washington Post reporter Chris Dehghanpoor, were released as part of the motion.

In text messages to Newsweek on Friday night, Lindell claimed that the deposition videos “were released so the public can understand the frivolous lawsuits and how lawfare is being used to try and destroy our country!”

Lindell also told Newsweek that MyPillow never gets “lumpy pillow calls” and defended calling Coomer attorney Charles Cain “evil” for allegedly attacking his company and its employees.

“We don’t get lumpy pillow calls!” Lindell wrote. “The evil lawyer attacked MyPillow and my employees … that’s the part you media people are ignoring!! You are as bad as them for what you are all doing to our country!”

Lindell went on to call Cain and fellow Coomer lawyer Bradley Kloewer, who was also present during the depositions, “2 of the slimiest lawyers I have ever dealt with ….. !

“They attacked my employees and MyPillow … evil evil and evil,” he added to Newsweek.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is pictured during a Republican event in Dana Point, California, on January 27, 2023. Videos show Lindell lashing out at lawyers for former Dominion Voting Systems executive Eric Coomer in multiple depositions this year, once over a suggestion that Lindell fielded “lumpy pillow calls.”

The clips show what the lawyers called “vulgar, threatening, loud, disrespectful” behavior from Lindell, who they said was “largely non-responsive to questioning.”

In the first deposition, on March 8, Lindell exploded in rage and hurled insults toward Cain after he suggested that MyPillow had received “lumpy pillow calls.”

“No, they’re not lumpy pillows, that’s not what they call on,” Lindell said. “When you say lumpy pillows, now you’re an a***hole, you got that? You’re an a**hole is what you are!”

Lindell’s lawyer briefly attempted to intervene but was cut off by his client saying, “No, he’s an a**hole, he’s an ambulance-chasing a**hole!”

“That’s what you are,” Lindell continued, addressing Cain. “Lumpy pillows, kiss my a**! Put that in your book … Nobody calls because of a lumpy pillow.”

“Obviously you don’t have a My Pillow, too,” he added. “You don’t, do you?”

In the second deposition on March 9, Lindell denounced Cain as “evil” and said that he would be “sued big” for supposed harm done to MyPillow employees.

Newsweek reached out for comment to Cain via email on Friday night.

Other notable deposition moments saw Lindell referring to Coomer as a “scumbag” and denouncing “rotten horrible lawyers” and the media.

Lindell also said that he had “lost millions of dollars” following his repeated promotion of 2020 election fraud conspiracy theories.

The final deposition, on August 23, purportedly ended abruptly after repeated interruptions, with Lindell at one point bolting to appear on an episode of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast.

The filing from Coomer’s lawyers states that Lindell “discussed the deposition while promoting MyPillow products” during his mid-deposition podcast appearance.

Coomer is seeking to recoup from Lindell all fees associated with the depositions and to force him to sit before a magistrate judge in Denver, Colorado, to be deposed in a more formal setting.

The filing urges the judge to grant the request to avoid “another futile attempt to obtain deposition testimony from Mr. Lindell where he shouts non-sequiturs for hours on end.”