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Meri Brown Fires Back Against Christine-Related Criticism: I’m Not Her, Okay?!?

Meri Brown would like to have a word or two with her critics.

Okay, fine.

Maybe a word or two dozen.

In a sneak peek at the November 27 episode of Sister Wives, this cast members take a moment to address some very pointed criticism that has come her way.

Meri Brown snapped this selfie in the fall of 2022, as she flew high above the sky.

It has to do with Christine Brown’s decision to leave Kody, which she arrived at over a year ago and which is being documented on the latest season of the reason show… which was filmed several months agol

Christine felt as if she was being treated unfairly and she decided late last year to finally walk away.

Meri, as long-time viewers know well, has also been treated unfairly by Kody, who has said time and again that he has no romantic interest in this spiritual partner.

And yet: she remains by his side.

“As the news about Christine leaving has been more public and has spread, you know more and more people know about it, it shocks me how mean people are,” the 51-year old says in this clip.

“These people, like, come at me, and they’re just like, ‘Why can’t you be strong like Christine?’ ‘Why don’t you leave Kody? He’s such a blah, blah blah,’ like the whole list of things that they say about Kody.

“It frustrates me because, you know what? Christine has her own value regardless of Kody.

“I have my own value regardless of Kody.”

Meri Brown looks anything but pleased in this photo of the star from Sister Wives Season 17.

To her credit, Meri has often tried to make this point over the last year or so.

Via a number of social media posts, she has said she loves her life and she doesn’t need a man to make her happy.

As for all the critics who think otherwise? Who don’t comprehend why she won’t leave Kody?

Basically, eff them, Meri has said.

Meri Brown is enjoying her time in the dessert in this photo from early fall 2022.

Still, those haters very much exist.

In a November 12 Instagram selfie, the reality TV star noted she was “excited to go home” after going on “fabulous adventures.”

In response, however, fans flooded the comments section to trash Meri for her post.

“None of it rings true when you stay tied to a man that says he doesn’t love you,” one social media user wrote.

Added another troll:

“You were able to be gone for 23 days because no one was waiting for you to come home. Let that sink in.”

Many other commenters also brought up Christine and her decision to leave Kody, contrasting it with the path Meri has taken.

“It’s funny how you post on your [Instagram Stories] that you choose to walk away because you ‘want peace,’ but when Christine wants to walk away to achieve her own peace, you, Robyn and Kody attack her,” one fan wrote, adding;

“The way you, especially you, treat Christine is disgraceful and hypocritical.”

Another person then chimed in as follows:

“Your Instagram persona doesn’t match the one on TV. I just hope that the real Meri is the one thriving and living her life to the fullest. The same way Christine is living hers.”

Sister Wives airs at 10/9c on TLC on Sunday nights.

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