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Martha Stewart settled in for some moonlight magic with her 12-year-old granddaughter Jude Stewart. In a photo you can see below, the 81-year-old lifestyle maven sat outside in the dusk waiting to capture a recent supermoon event. The pic showed Martha’s distinctively perfect hair amid the darkened forest trees, and a view of the dimly-lit, silvery lake. Jude could also be seen observing the natural beauty with her famous grandmother. “Jude Stewart and me on the upstairs terrace at four am trying to capture the sturgeon moon on our i phones @osteigna captured us ! Thanks Angie,” she captioned the gorgeous generational pic, shared via Instagram on August 1.

Many of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2023 cover model’s 1.9 million followers on Instagram took to the comments thread to react. “A precious memory with your granddaughter,” remarked a fan, while another suggested, “You could have saved in bed IF you had caught the stunning moon rise at 8:30pm. Beyond amazing……” A third quipped, “You could wear your Brunello Cuccinelli pajama to look at the full moon.”

Martha’s life as a domestic goddess took a welcome turn when she took on the mantle of “grandma” with Jude’s arrival to her daughter Alexis in 2011. “I am really thrilled to share some very exciting news with you,” she said during the March 11, 2022 episode of The Martha Stewart Show. “At 12:58 a.m. on March 8, little baby Jude, my first grandchild, was born. It’s very exciting and Alexis and the baby are doing very well.”

Martha and Jude Stewart
John Nacion/Shutterstock

Martha continued with details of the birth, which was achieved via gestational carrier, per TODAY. “They’re home in New York in their apartment and I stopped in last night after a business trip and I got to see her when she was about 36 hours old–she is very alert and doesn’t cry,” Martha gushed. “Ideal baby…I’m happy for Alexis that she doesn’t cry…and she is eating well and doing all her natural things and she’s cute and she has Lexie’s pouty little mouth. Very, very lovely child.”

“Good luck baby Jude and good luck Alexis,” she continued. “You’re on to the next phase of your life–motherhood.” And Martha, if the latest supermoon is any indication, appears to still very much be enjoying the magical phase of “grandmotherhood.”

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