Though I have been loving the current Barbie craze, I can’t deny that I’m a Bratz girl through and through (I even have a tattoo of the logo). If there is ever another live-action Bratz movie, just know that I will be the first one in line. Currently, I’m getting my fix of Brattitude from Marsai Martin, who looks like a real-life Bratz doll with her new silver-streaked hair.   

Martin posted four photos of her Bratz-esque look, shot by Los Angeles-based photographer Jacob Webster, to Instagram on July 29. In the first photo, she is wearing a bubblegum-pink, two-piece Chanel set while giving what can only be described as a pose that would earn 10s across the board from Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell. 

Marsai’s long, pin-straight hair was parted on the side, and a single baby hair was swooped on one temple. The mostly black hair fell straight to her thighs. Within the sea of dark hair, you can see silver pieces. Marsai has experimented with a few different hair colors, but this is fairly new territory for the actor. 

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