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Mark Duplass & Sterling K. Brown in 'Biosphere' Comedy Teaser Trailer

Biosphere Teaser Trailer

“Are you not curious what’s going on out there?” Maybe we should be more curious about what’s going on in here? IFC Films has revealed the first teaser trailer for Biosphere, an indie comedy that first premiered at the 2022 Toronto Film Festival last year to quite a few positive reviews. Co-written by, produced by, and starring Mark Duplass, it’s yet another Duplass Brothers production – cultivating an original idea and giving a first-time filmmaker a chance to create something unique. In the not-too-distant future, the last two men on earth must adapt and evolve to save humanity. Stuck in this “biosphere”, they have to figure out what is going on when their fish start dying. I thought this might be another take on the comedy classic Bio-Dome, but seems more of a lockdown/quarantine dark comedy than anything. It stars Mark Duplass & Sterling K. Brown. This is only a first look teaser and sets up the concept, without giving away anything else. Got a really good feeling about this one, especially with a July release date – IFC is confident in it being a hit, too. // Continue Reading ›

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