Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene says that her “biggest concern” is President Joe Biden initiating the outbreak of “World War 3.”

The Georgia Republican denounced Biden’s support for Ukraine during its war with Russia, suggesting that the president was gearing up for a “hot war” during a recent Infowars interview with popular conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. A clip of the exchange was shared Tuesday to the congresswoman’s account on X, formerly Twitter.

Greene suggested that Biden would start a war to improve his chances in the 2024 presidential election. Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson made a nearly identical claim during an interview with Adam Carolla last week, saying that he would “bet [his] house” on the launching of “a hot war between the United States and Russia in the next year.”

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is shown outside Fulton County Jail on August 24, 2023, in Atlanta, Georgia. Greene on Tuesday told conspiracy theorist Alex Jones that her No. 1 fear is President Joe Biden starting “World War 3.”
Christian Monterrosa/AFP/Getty

“I worry about a very serious war,” Greene told Jones. “Historically, whenever America has gone to war, the American people rally around whoever the president is … The biggest thing I’m concerned about, Alex, is I’m concerned that they will go to the next level with Ukraine, put troops on the ground.”

“The United States and Russia will be in a hot war,” she continued. “That is my biggest concern. And I think that would be something that the Democrats, the State Department, the Biden administration could move towards. Because they will not back off of Ukraine.”

While sharing the clip to X, Greene added that “what worries me more than anything is World War 3” and vowed that she would “not vote to send one more penny to Ukraine.”

Reached for comment, a White House spokesperson pointed Newsweek to Biden’s “many prior public comments about how we do not seek war with Russia and will continue to support Ukraine as they defend themselves.”

The president has indeed repeatedly made it clear that he has no intention of waging war against Russia, having said that the U.S. poses “no offensive threat” to Moscow and acknowledging that doing so would be a mistake, as it would likely spark a world war.

Newsweek reached out for additional comment to Greene’s office via email on Tuesday night.

Carlson’s very similar prediction of a U.S.-Russia war came as the conservative pundit also dismissed fears that Biden would soon impose a mask mandate for political purposes.

The former Fox host somewhat bizarrely claimed that the president would not “do COVID again” because “they” had already been “exposed,” despite former President Donald Trump—not Biden—having been in power when the virus and the pandemic emerged.

While evidence-free conspiracy theories claiming that Biden will use COVID restrictions in a bid to get reelected have become more popular on the right, Carlson insisted that the president would instead “assume war footing” to “maintain power” in 2024.