Sade Bagnerise has been tied up in legal battles for most of 2023. In addition to custody and child support hearings with Ne-Yo, the mother of two ended up in jail in March. Resurfaced docs reveal accusations of helping her eldest son fight a classmate at a bus stop with physical force and pepper spray.

That same month, the alleged victim’s mother filed for a temporary protective order against Sade. Radar Online first reported the resurfaced petition and arrest record on Thursday (Sept. 7).

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The Shade Room reviewed Fulton County County jail records, which show the offense date as March 24 and the booking date as Mar. 27. Officials charged her with cruelty to children in the first and third degree and battery. Law enforcement officials released her on March 29 on a $31,000 surety bond.

Bagnerise has not responded to the resurfaced docs. But on Thursday, an Instagram Story post read, “I’ll be able to comment shortly.” As of late Thursday — and seven hours after the post — Sade has not commented on the reports. However, in a brief statement to Radar Online, she said her son was getting bullied.

“My son was getting bullied and jumped from the kids at his school, and I only got involved to help and protect him as any mother would. As a law-abiding citizen, I am fully committed to cooperating with the real authorities and providing all necessary information to ensure a fair and just resolution.”

For clarity, Ne-Yo is not the biological father of the involved child.

Victim’s Mother Says Ne-Yo’s Ex Kicked & Pepper Sprayed Her Son

The victim’s mother, Veronica Madison, in the protective custody petition, recounted what happened. She claims Sade drove her son to the bus stop, hid with him behind bushes, and attacked the victim after he got off the school bus.

According to Veronica, camera footage and eyewitnesses say she kicked the child, held him in a chokehold, and pepper sprayed him in the face. Meanwhile, Sade’s son was also physically attacking the victim.

Witnesses reportedly called the police and gave statements on the confrontation. At law enforcement’s arrival, Sade and her son had allegedly fled the scene. The victim’s mother says EMT professionals treated her child for pepper spray in his “eyes, hair and on his body,” per Radar Online. 

“This is the 3rd altercation with my son and Sade’s child. All three times [Sade’s son] has summoned my son to fight. The last two times he’s attacked him without warning. Once at school and once at the bus stop,” the petition reportedly states.

Veronica accuses Sade’s son of bullying tactics, including alleged life-threatening comments from Sade’s son on video. She says the youth has threatened to enter their home and cause harm with a gun. Madison alleges her son does not want to fight.

It’s unclear what the current state of the temporary protective order is.

However, later this month, Sade will face another legal tussle with Ne-Yo, per docs obtained by Radar Online. Following her arrest came paperwork and hearings to establish paternity, custody, and child support. The former pair are now required by court order to meet for mediation on or before Sept. 22.

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As previously reported, Sade addressed her legal battle with Ne-Yo in June. She revealed she “apologized” to Ne-Yo’s ex-wife, Crystal Renay, for her role in their divorce. But she also asked the public to “find compassion” for the R&B singer, who she believes was going through “a mid-life crisis.”

It’s unclear if Sade’s arrest in March and the related charges are being considered in a court case with Ne-Yo. The singer has not publicly reacted to Radar’s report.

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