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Man Returns Littered Napkin to Driver in Gesture Drawing Praise From the Internet – NBC Chicago

We see it all the time: Trash, in streets and along roads.

When a California man saw another driver litter right in front of him while he was stopped at a railroad crossing, he decided to do something about it, and the interaction was caught on his dashcam and has attracted attention online.

Mitch Harris said he hopes the video will make other people think twice before throwing their trash out on the street.

“I expected a lot more cussing, yelling and confrontation,” Harris said, adding that his heart was beating fast as he approached the other car, picked up the discarded napkin and handed it back to the driver who had thrown it out.

“I was right here at the light, I was in the middle lane. I saw his window crack and he threw out a brown paper napkin and that’s when I kind of knew the opportunity was perfect,” Harris said. “I just held it, looked at him, he rolled his window down, said ‘thank you,’ took it, rolled it back up and I went back to the truck. He did the right thing, which I have to compliment him. He was not yelling at me or anything like that.”

Harris said his wife convinced him to post the video of the interaction to Reddit, where the comments started rolling in.

The internet was mostly full of praise for Harris’ gesture, with one writing “Sacramento has found our prince!”

Other comments included, “Some heroes wear capes. This hero wears a construction vest.”

“I had someone Venmo me money for beer and yeah, it was quite a reaction,” Harris said with a laugh.

Harris said he’d have second thoughts about doing something like that again, though.

“I’m not sure I’d do it again. In hindsight it was a little scary but I hope that one story at least one person to keep their trash in their cars.”

And even as small an act as it was — a single piece of trash not on the street — Harris said he hopes it inspires others to just do what’s right.

“It just was an opportunity to make the place we live in a little bit better.”

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