Man ‘drives e-scooter towards police officer’ as MORE problems break out at crime-hit Metrolink stop

A yob has been arrested after problems broke out again at a Metrolink station plagued by antisocial behavior.

Police on Sunday issued a dispersal order for Radcliffe tram station and car park after a large group of youths became violent towards police officers and Metrolink staff.

The order, which gives officers powers to move anyone away who either causes or is likely to cause antisocial behavior, was in place until 5:45 p.m., Monday (January 10).

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Police, however, say they continued to receive assaults from yobs who gathered in the station’s underpass and in the parking lot yesterday.

In a separate incident, an officer was ‘run over by a man on an electric scooter’.

In a post on GMP Bury South’s Facebook page, officers said: “Again, police officers and Metrolink personnel received assaults from large groups of youths gathered in the underpass and in the parking lot.

“Police officers and Metrolink personnel have been dispatched to the area this weekend due to concerns from local residents regarding antisocial behavior there at night.

Police on Sunday issued an order separating Radcliffe Metrolink and its car park

During this disorder, PCSOs and police officers issued several ‘instructions to leave’ to disperse the crowd.

“Eventually the crowd dispersed and details of the causes of the problems were taken.

“During the incident, a young man was arrested for not spreading and for an offense.

“Later, while assisting Metrolink staff on the platform, an officer was run over by a man on an electric scooter.

“This man tried to escape from Metrolink’s staff when he had not purchased a ticket to use the service. The scooter was subsequently seized.

“Over the weekend, a total of 15 parents have been visited by police regarding their children’s behavior, and there are more parents to be visited.

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“Police Department patrols will continue to deploy to the tram stop to support Metrolink staff and members of the public.”

It is understood that officers were called to an area around the Metrolink stop, close to the center of Radcliffe, on Sunday night in response to a large gang that was causing problems.

The tram stop was also hit by a wave of disorder last fall when two teenagers were allegedly attacked within two months while thoughtless vandals smashed tram windows up in August.

Councilor Carol Birchmore, representing Radcliffe East, said she believes young people could travel into the city from elsewhere in Greater Manchester before causing problems.


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