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Making the future of healthcare work with the Veradigm Network

The healthcare ecosystem – including healthcare providers, biopharma, payers, along with both federal and state government – are moving toward the shared goal of delivering higher quality of patient care, more economically. This shift toward value-based care has fundamentally changed the way that healthcare is delivered in the United States.

Instead of disconnected, dysfunctional, disparate systems, healthcare stakeholders are being driven toward interoperable, open, and connected solutions, so that diverse data from the point of patient care can be translated into actionable insights and measurable value.

What is the Veradigm Network?

Veradigm brings a broad range of internal solutions along together with select external partners to form the Veradigm Network: a dynamic, open community providing advanced insights, technology, and data-driven solutions. 

With of our unique combination of point-of-care messaging solutions, commitment to open interoperability, a large and diverse healthcare provider footprint, and expert insights, Veradigm is attracting like-minded companies seeking to work with us in transforming healthcare to the benefit of all.

Through the influence of the Veradigm Network, the scope and depth of our interconnected resources breaks down silos between healthcare stakeholders, making the Veradigm Network both effective and efficient. The Veradigm Network optimizes synergies across internal solutions and external partners, allowing all to work together to transform healthcare, and advance value, insightfully. 

Supporting Healthcare Providers in the 21st Century

To thrive in today’s value-driven environment, healthcare providers require tools and services to reduce out-of-pocket costs, advance patient education, and improve outcomes.

The Veradigm Network is open: dedicated to lowering barriers to interoperability, and committed to supporting the needs of today’s healthcare providers. With a suite of powerful, user-friendly interconnected solutions, the Veradigm Network helps reduce administrative burdens, improve practice financial performance, and streamline clinical and financial workflows.

To further support healthcare providers succeed in value-based care, the Veradigm Network facilitates provider access to qualified clinical data registries, while other Veradigm Network solutions help drive patient satisfaction by facilitating prescription price transparency and making specialty medications easier to obtain.

Driving Value for BioPharma

BioPharma companies are working to solve today’s health challenges and support value-based care.  They can’t afford to waste time and resources trying to generate health economics and outcomes research from disparate, siloed sources of data. When sourced from disparate EHRs, administrative claims databases, clinical data registries, and other siloed sources, real-world data are often fragmented and difficult to work with.

Veradigm clients can tap into the Veradigm Network for greater access to research and real-world clinical data via direct connections at the point of care. Connectivity to more providers and specialties allows for greater communication and market impact. Veradigm’s comprehensive healthcare provider footprint of ambulatory practice data, the ability to connect seamlessly with health plans and payers to secure administrative claims data, and integrations with Veradigm Network partners help BioPharma to gain insight from Veradigm’s open network.

The breadth and depth of the Veradigm Network can help accelerate approvals and optimize access, while enabling more informed, evidence-driven insights. Broad network resources can make specific solutions more robust—improving outcomes at lower cost.

Optimizing Cost Control for Health Plans and Payers

Health plans and payers require tools and services to maximize cost control, while ensuring the most positive outcomes for their members. With the Veradigm Network, health plans and payers can connect a comprehensive range of providers, allowing high-speed clinical data exchange, which strengthens insights derived from the point of care.

The Veradigm Network integrates payer guidance and prior authorization management directly into existing healthcare provider workflows. This level of connectivity allows health plans and payers to leverage point of care access to empower better healthcare provider decision making while facilitating deeper visibility into risk adjustment and pharmacy programs.

Making the Future of Healthcare Work

Today’s value-driven realities require a different, more integrated, and more responsive approach. Instead of silos, synergies. Instead of fragmentation, focus.

The healthcare future is all about doing more with less. The Veradigm Network – making the future work.

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