Anyone who tells you they don’t have a favorite Madonna beauty era is straight-up lying to you. This woman has been serving a wide variety of iconic looks for more than 40 years. Personally, I lean toward “Vogue” Madonna, but a close second for me is “Ray of Light” Madonna — that hair was such a free-spirited departure from what we’d seen on her up to that point. And it looks like she, too, loved it because it appears she’s bringing it back.

On Wednesday, August 9, Madonna posted a carousel of photos, mostly on herself. “All dressed up and Nowhere to go … But Soon, Very Soon, I’ll be traveling to you,” she wrote in the caption, referring to the tour that had to be delayed when she was hospitalized a few months ago. Every picture is a capital-M Moment, but it’s slide three that really stopped me in my tracks: You can’t tell me that’s not the rebirth of her “Ray of Light” hair.

Madonna is seen sitting next to a bidet, wearing a black corset and a cross necklace. What really catches the eye, though, is her cascading, blonde hair. It’s giving the same vibes as the waves she wore in the 1998 “Ray of Light” music video, but updated with more length and a slightly tighter curl. But the middle part and carefree feel make it feel like a direct evolution of the turn-of-the-century look.

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