Is Madison LeCroy pregnant? The Southern Charm star is ready to talk.

These days, she’s seldom at the heart of Southern Charm drama. It’s been a hot minute since she was dating Austen or catching him having sleepovers.

Now happily married to Brett, Madison is looking to continue her happily ever after.

Part of that includes baby plans.

Auston Kroll arrives with a gift for Madison Lecroy (his ex) and Brett Randle (her husband). Does he make it awkward? Of course. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Madison LeCroy’s Life With Brett

In November of 2022, Madison LeCroy married Brett Randle.

She has come a long way from her on-screen frustrations and that whole A-Rod situation. Madison has repeatedly emphasized how happy she feels these days.

Last week, on the January 4 episode of Southern Charm, Madison updated viewers on her happily ever after with Brett.

Madison LeCroy sits outdoors at an outdoor get-together.
Madison LeCroy is a party guest, but recalls some of her messier Southern Charm moments. (Image Credit: Bravo)

During the episode, Madison was not pregnant — not yet, anyway.

Bravo viewers watched as she and Brett discussed their plans to try for a baby. Notably, they were drinking champagne at the time.

“No more champagne for breakfast once you get that baby in you,” Brett remarked. A developing fetus needs many things to be healthy; alcohol is not one of them.

Madison LeCroy stuns in a pink top on Southern Charm.
Wearing a bold pink outfit, Madison Lecroy speaks about her husband and marriage to the Season 9 confessional camera on Southern Charm. (Image Credit: Bravo)

We have to acknowledge that this scene included a distasteful twist: Madison had to excuse herself, go to the bathroom, and then vomit.

If this were scripted television, it would almost invariably meant a pregnancy.

Is Madison LeCroy Pregnant on ‘Southern Charm’ ?

However, according to Madison, it was the result of taking her vitamins on an empty stomach. (I’m no big city nutritionist, but that makes us worry about her vitamins, her stomach, or both)

Madison LeCroy Southern Charm Picture
Madison LeCroy is sitting on the couch during an episode of the Bravo reality series Southern Charm. (Image Credit: Bravo)

To the camera, Madison confessed: “I’m a little freaked out about having another baby.”

“Selfishly,” the mother of one continued, “I don’t want to, like, do all that.”

She gestured to her body. In addition to discomfort and major (sometimes permanent) health effects, pregnancy can reshape the human body in many ways.

Madison LeCroy in the kitchen.
Madison LeCroy makes ramen on the Season 9 premiere of Southern Charm while her husband plays outside with her son. (Image Credit: Bravo)

“But it’s definitely worth it,” Madison then insisted. “It’s just hard at the beginning.”

Later during the episode, she spoke to fan-favorite Patricia Altschul about her potential plans for Baby #2.

“Maybe it’s time I have a baby,” Madison suggested. “I’m only getting older, and I think it might be time. … I’m scared.”

Patricia Altschul reads while reclining.
Patricia Altschul reads while lounging luxuriously on Southern Charm. (Image Credit: Bravo)

A mother herself, Patricia knows exactly what Madison experienced when she gave birth to Hudson.

“I was with you when you were nine months pregnant,” she recalled. “And then I didn’t see you for what? Three months?”

Madison was on bed rest at the time, because she suffered a broken pelvis during the delivery. That is agonizing.

Flashing a smile in a powder pink blouse, Madison LeCroy goes out to eat.
Madison LeCroy smiles delightedly on Southern Charm. (Image Credit: Bravo)

“Who knows?” Madison said of the future.

“It could take years for me to get pregnant,” she pointed out. “I have no idea.”

Madison went on to vaguely admit: “I haven’t tried, ever, really.” Only time will tell whether she and Brett need to try for Baby #2.