Need to elevate your lunch game but keep it under an hour? Well, Crustacen’s beautiful Anna May lounge has an unbeatable and upscale $39 Power Lunch that is waiting to elevate your luncheon game.

Crustacean’s $39 Power Lunch is designed to get you in and out in just under an hour with three courses and a well managed selection of food options. The Power Lunch is available from Wednesday-Friday from 12-3pm. We felt so lucky to be invited to their media preview which shared their new take on their lunch selections. We had almost a little bit of everything from their new menu and these were our favorites.

Walking into Crustacean it’s impossible not to be impressed by the stunning design and decor. We were greeted with a cocktail/mocktail option and opted to try their Jalisco To Saigon. The cocktail is so refreshing and consists of Tres Generaciones Blanco + Reposado tequila with coconut agave and black salt. This might be the best cocktail we’ve had this summer.

The first course kicked off with their lovely garden beet salad which comes on a bed of beet puree with vegetables and fruit integrated on top. It’s both light and refreshing for someone who wants lunch without feeling that heaviness which can often accompany lunchtime.

Because this was a media tasting we were able to also try a few other dishes from their first course offerings including their steamed shrimp and lobster dumpling. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried these. They are just that good. The dumplings are served with a spicy tamarind ginger emulsion. Might be our favorite from lunch, but overall everything was delicious and elevated including these delightful dumplings.

First course was rounded out with Crustacean’s chicken meatballs. Served with gochujang tofu, sesame, and tempura crunch these meatballs make for the perfect bite.

As we settled in for our second course to begin we were delighted to try their truffle Caesar salad. We can’t see ourselves not wanting this when we go. The perfectly whole romain is served with black sesame furikake, tenkasu, and hearts of palm stuffed mushrooms.

Crustacean knows how to wow and as they we’re pulling out all the stops for the second course we were delighted to try their ribeye banh mi ‘piio’ dip. These toasty ribeye beauties come with aged cheddar fondue, and caramelized onions. Served alongside an eight hour broth and chips, it is peak fulfilling lunch.

As the second course continued to roll out we were treated to crispy orange peel chicken that came with a side of An’s famous garlic rice. We wanted to inhale the entire bowl. If you needed a standard for taste, it’s this. This bowl was incredible.

Finally we were able to dig into An’s famous vegan garlic noodles and yum is an understatement. The noodles are a fantastic option for vegans. The dish doesn’t compromise on taste, it’s a hearty portion and every bite is layered with flavor.

Third course ushered in our dessert and it was every bit as delightful as you can imagine. With a trio of choices we enjoyed Crustacean’s beignet’s, chocolate chip cookie and ice cream.