Lotus Thompson ~ The Leggy Starlet

Lotus Thompson
Lotus Thompson was an Australian film starlet known for her sexy legs

She was born Lotus May Thompson on August 26, 1904 in Charters Towers, Australia. When she was a child she started performing on the Sidney stage. At the age of fifteen she entered a beauty contest and was chosen “the most beautiful girl in Australia”. Lotus made her film debut in the 1921 drama Know Thy Child. After making a few more films in Australia she moved to Hollywood in 1924. The beautiful blonde started working as an extra at Hal Roach studios. She spent most of her time posing for sexy photos and became known for having the best legs in Hollywood. Lotus got upset when directors kept asking her to be a “leg double” for other actresses. On February 1, 1925 she made headlines when she was hospitalized for attempting to disfigure her legs. She claimed that she had poured nitric acid on her legs hoping to scar them because she wanted to be taken more seriously as an actress. In an interview she said¬†“It’s sickening. I wish I never had any legs. I couldn’t stand it any more so I decided to mar them so no one would want to look at them any more.”¬†

Lotus ThompsonLotus Thompson
Eventually she admitted that she had lied about the nitric acid and it had all been a publicity stunt. Lotus was signed by Paramount in 1926 and costarred with Clara Bow in Rough House Rosie. She was given supporting roles in Flashing Fang and The Port Of Missing Girls. In 1929 she married Edward Churchill. That year she made ten movies including the westerns The Thrill Hunter, The Phantom Rider, and The Lone Rider. Then she starred in the ten part serial Terry Of The Times. Edward divorced her in 1936 claiming that she had deserted him. Lotus married Stanley Robinson, a real estate salesman, in 1937. By this time was earning just $10 a day playing bit parts. Her final role was in the 1949 film The Red Danube. She and her husband lived on in Burbank. They never had children. Sadly on May 19, 1963 she died from heart disease and respiratory failure. Lotus was only fifty-eight years old. She was cremated and buried at the Chapel Of The Pines in Los Angeles, California.