London is the most sought after Rightmove buyer location for 2021

Analysis by Rightmove has revealed that London was the most sought after place in 2021. It overtook Cornwall, which was the top spot at the start of the year.

London is historically the most sought after, but in January and February there is interest in Cornwall, just as it would take last year’s top spot.

London overtook in March and April, but interest in Cornwall rose again from May to September as the most coveted buyer’s location.

The difference in the total number of searches at the end of the year between London and Cornwall was only 3%, compared to a difference of 24% in 2020 and 49% in 2019.

According to Rightmove, the smaller gap reflects buyer preferences in 2021 that changed due to life priorities such as the ability to work from home.

This saw people favor coastal places.

But London’s return to the top of searches later this year highlights its recurring popularity.

London (Canva)

Rhos On Sea in Wales also topped the list of buyer search hotspots – areas that saw the largest increase in buyer searches compared to 2020. Coastal city searches increased more than nine times (+ 858%) compared to 2020.

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Hove in East Sussex finished second on the list of hotspots (+680%), and Chadlington in the Cotswolds finished third (+ 211%).

All of this year’s buyer search hotspots are either villages or located near the ocean, a sign of the rise in popularity this year for coastal or rural homes.

Tim Bannister, Rightmove’s Director of Property Data, comments: “Having 95% of the UK property market located in one place means that Rightmove is the destination that curious and potential buyers first turn to when they begin their journey of deciding where they have to move to.

“Our search data gives us real-time insight into what buyers are looking for from their next home and the areas that attract future movers.

“It also gives us a unique understanding of how current events and culture can inspire people to imagine the life that could be in a new area, from the landscape of the Cotswolds inspired by the ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ TV show, to live in what could potentially be Britain’s smallest town in Marazion, Cornwall. ”

Chelmsford Weekly News: Cornwall (Canva)Cornwall (Canva)

Rightmove’s most sought after areas in 2021

  1. London
  2. Cornwall
  3. Devon
  4. Bristol
  5. Glasgow
  6. Sheffield
  7. Essex
  8. York
  9. Edinburgh
  10. Dorset

Rightmove’s buyer search hotspots 2021

  1. Rhos On Sea, Conwy
  2. Hove, East Sussex
  3. Chadlington, Oxfordshire
  4. Breage, Cornwall
  5. Isle Of Man
  6. Frizington, Cumbria
  7. Huntly, Aberdeenshire
  8. Millport, Ayrshire
  9. Thorpeness, Suffolk
  10. Allonby, Cumbria

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