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Lobby Rule Altered In Pro Kabaddi 2022; Explained

Lobby rule, The Pro Kabaddi League is entering its ninth season, which will feature new teams, new challenges, and new changes to the playing field. The covid-19 pandemic has brought fans back to stadiums for the first time, and the changes to the playing rules promise to improve the spectator experience and give teams a stronger degree of tactical support during matches.

The short version is that a defendant who follows a raider into the lobby won’t be kicked out, teams can now name 14 players in their matchday squads, and they are allowed to make seven substitutions during a game [plus one at halftime].

Here is a list of all the rules, a description of the play structure, and a description of the changes: The terminologies used in the game are explained by Sportstar if you are unfamiliar with the sport and league. The lobby rule was altered in Pro Kabaddi 2022.

Lobby rule

The Launch ceremony of VIVO Pro Kabaddi (Image: ProKabaddi)

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Here is a comprehensive explanation of how the new regulations will operate:

lobby rule is no more.

The season’s greatest rule modification is this one. The strips on either side of the mat that become active when a raider tags a defender are known as the lobbies. As per the lobbying rule, if a raider leaves the field of play and a defender follows, both players are disqualified, and the raiding team is awarded the point.

The regulation was strongly disputed as being unjust to the defending team. An excellent illustration of this occurred last season when Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh of the Bengal Warriors was followed into the lobby by the whole seven-member Bengaluru Bulls team. With eight points, the Warriors led 40-39 after one quarter.

However, the League changed the regulation “keeping sportsmanship in mind.” PKL’s technical director, E Prasad Rao, said to ESPN: “The raid is finished as of this season if the raider leaves the field prior to a tackle. The defender won’t be considered out if they enter the lobby.”Lobby rule altered in Pro Kabaddi 2022.

the matchday squad may include two extra players.

Rather than the previous season’s limit of 12, teams are now permitted to field a roster of 14 players for each game. The modification, according to Rao, was made to give teams more alternatives over the course of the three-month season. “There are now more games, and the season is lengthy and filled with close contests. We have added more players to the matchday roster this season to offset the potential of injury.” Lobby rule altered in Pro Kabaddi 2022.

permitted additional substitutions

The last modification was that teams were now only allowed to substitute one player during halftime, instead of the previously allowed five during the game. Moving forward, each side is permitted seven substitutions throughout the course of the game in addition to their seven permitted strategic timeouts per half. The only modification they can make at halftime is this, but there are more changes that need to be made. From this season forward, a squad is essentially limited to eight substitutes. Even though it may seem unusual, a club may choose to replace all seven members of its starting lineup.

Rao thinks that this rule modification will motivate coaches to put more young athletes on the mat. With more new players joining the team every season, Rao says, “We want to offer the coaches more opportunities to deploy their upcoming kids.” “The outstanding performers over the last few seasons have been the young players. Lobby rule altered in Pro Kabaddi 2022.

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Technical detail

A technical point is awarded for the following reasons and is given to the team instead of either raider or defender:

When a raid is in progress, coaching from a player or coach.

During a raid, if a player leaves their area before coming into contact with an enemy.

Super Raid

A raid is referred to as a Super Raid if the raider scores three or more points (which may include touch, bonus, or technical points) for his team in a single raid.

Raid Do-Or-Die

The subsequent raid is referred to as a Do-Or-Die Raid if a team engages in two consecutive empty raids (raids that yield no points for either team). This raid requires the raiding team to make a point, or else the raider will be eliminated even if he is not tackled. Lobby rule altered in Pro Kabaddi 2022.

Super 10

A Super 10 occurs when a raider earns ten raid points (touch and bonus points) in a single game. Lobby rule altered in Pro Kabaddi 2022

Extra Tackle

When a raider is successfully tackled, the defensive side receives two points rather than one if there are three or fewer players on the mat for the opposing team.

High fives

A defensive player is said to have a “High Five” if they accumulate five tackle points (including super tackle points) in a single game.


The achievement is known as a Double if a player (often an all-arounder) receives a Super 10 and a High Five in the same game. Lobby rule altered in Pro Kabaddi 2022.


Teams receive five points for victories and three points for ties.

A team receives one point if it loses by less than a seven-point deficit. Lobby rule altered in Pro Kabaddi 2022.

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