Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp ‘could not care less’ about Manchester City against Burnley game

Jurgen Klopp “couldn’t care less” about Manchester City’s game with Burnley but called on Liverpool fans to provide ‘the best atmosphere ever’ against Watford.

City face Burnley on Saturday afternoon and are currently a clear point of Liverpool at the top of the Premier League, meaning a win for the Reds in their 12:30 pm game puts the pressure on Pep Guardiola’s men.

The City coach claimed the earlier result would have ‘zero’ impact on his players.

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Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Klopp also played down the importance of saying: “It’s a very good example for how important it is to be top of the league at 2.30pm on a Saturday when all the rest are playing after? It’s not too important.

“We were, most of the time, in the situation that City played before us and this time we play [first], but I could not care less about what is after that. It’s just about how well we are prepared for the 12.30pm situation because we face Watford. Watford won their last game, Watford smells the chance to stay in the league, they will go with everything. They have a very experienced manager, the way they set up is very well organized, a lot of individual talent.

“It happens so often in the Premier League, when I watch the teams when we do the analysis it is like, ‘Wow, they are so good … they are good here, they are good there, good there’ and in the end they do not have a lot of points. That’s just because of the quality in the league, but the individual in the group is really good and that’s what we have to be aware of. “

Klopp added the key to victory could be the atmosphere produced by the home fans at Anfield.

“What we need for this game is a sensational, the best – the best – 12.30pm atmosphere ever,” he said. “Not nervous, not whatever, not tense and you can not breathe … if you can not shout and sing, stay at home and give your ticket to somebody else, please.

“Really, we need you with all we have – the boys came back from all over the world, played completely different systems again and we have this one session today where we can make sure we remind them of what we actually do because their national teams obviously do it completely different.

“Then we go against a very well organized Watford team and we need each voice for that.”

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