Chicago-bred rapper Lil Reese has landed himself in the hot seat after proudly sharing a video of him laughing as another person poured water on a homeless man. Following the backlash, the 30-year-old drill pioneer says he apologizes and will supposedly help support unhoused individuals “twice a month going forward.”

The Rapper Says He “Does Not Condone” The Activity He Recorded & Laughed At

The situation began after Lil Reese recently shared a video of him out and about with a group before focusing on a homeless man who was sleeping on the ground.

As Lil Reese and at least one bystander get closer, viewers can hear audio of the rapper seemingly encouraging the other man to “get his a*s” and “put that s**t on his head.”

The unhoused man is then doused with water amid laughter. Additionally, Lil Reese zoomed in on the homeless man’s reaction before adding a laughing emoji and sharing the video.

After his upload began to garner backlash, the rapper issued a follow-up message through his Instagram Story on Thursday (Sept. 7).

He declared, “I would like to apologize to my fans and everybody for recording and laughing while they were pouring water on the homeless man in the video.” Despite what the video suggested, Lil Reese also said he “does not condone or support” the act.

Before ending his message, he alleged that he plans to provide support for the homeless community “twice a month going forward.”

“I will be giving away money to the homeless community as well as giving away food, clothes, and water twice a month going forward.”

The Roomies React To The Lil Reese Situation: “This Ish Isn’t Cool”

Beneath The Shade Room‘s upload on the Lil Reese matter, people sounded off in the comment section.

One user going by @tiffanimonique__ made her stance loud and clear by tearing into the rapper and saying he was “no better” than the man who actually poured the water.

“Nothing funny about this. That’s a damn human being. This world is really careless and you’re no better of a person to laugh and encourage this smh.”

As for @slay____doll, she proclaimed, “Cancel him because wtf this ish isn’t cool at all. Them tables can turn very easily humble yourself my boi.”

Shutting Lil Reese down, @dooga_art stated, “Don’t apologize to us, apologize to him, in person.”

Finally, @chefjunietv pushed back against Lil Reese’s apology.

“How you gonna say you don’t condone it when you literally stood there and condoned it while recording it?”

What are your thoughts on the situation, Roomies?

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