Newly surfaced video is adding to speculations that the Summer Walker and Lil Meech romance has ended. Footage obtained by The Shade Room shows the actor entering an apartment with an unidentified woman on the same day of Summer’s ‘breakup’ posts.

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The video comes from a Ring home security camera located across from the woman’s Houston apartment. According to time stamps, Lil Meech only spent about 17 minutes inside the apartment. He entered at 1:40 p.m. and left shortly after at 1:57 p.m. local time.

The lady in the footage appears to be African-American, sporting long braids and a curvy body dressed in a short-sleeve shirt, capri pants, and sandals. She appeared to be on the phone while unlocking the apartment door. Meanwhile, Lil Meech sported a gray tee and black pants paired with sneakers, a beanie, and dark sunglasses.

Lil Meech Claims The Woman In Ring Footage Is His Cousin 

The video didn’t capture any apparent signs of intimacy between the two, but their connection remains unclear. If you ask Meech, though, he says the woman is his cousin.

Shortly after The Shade Room shared the video clip on social platforms, Meech took to Instagram Story to state his side.

“Damn, I can’t help my cousin bring the bags in the house. We went to the grocery store, man,” Meech said on video.

Meanwhile, the home security footage shows no evidence of Lil Meech or the woman carrying grocery bags. The clip also has no audio, and upon arrival at the front door, it appeared the woman was speaking on the phone.


Summer Walker Alludes Lil Meech Pursued Her For Two Years Only To “Embarrass” Her “To The World” 

Like Lil Meech, Summer Walker also took to her Instagram Story with commentary after The Shade Room shared the home security footage. Though she didn’t mention him by name, she suggested Meech pursued her and her kids only to “embarrass her.”

“It’s just crazy how a n***a will really try to pursue the f**k out of you for 2 years, make you meet they whole family, wanna be around you and your kids all day & pay bills just to embarrass you to the world lmao. I don’t understand men but ima give it to God,” Summer wrote, adding a laughing emoticon.

Hours before the surfaced footage of Meech and a mystery woman, Walker had declared she was entering her “villain era” on Insta-Story. Reposting a meme-like definition of the phrase, she added, “Villain era activated.”

In a separate post, she shared a Bible quote about Satan blinding “the minds of those who don’t believe” in God. Again, she added a caption.

“Well that makes sense why everyone is evil to the pit of they soul on this planet,” Summer wrote.


Just days ago, Summer found herself in the crosshairs with Jayda Cheaves and her best friend and rapper, Dess Dior, when she mentioned Jayda in her presumed breakup posts.

“Tried my best to be Jayda Wayda but I couldn’t. It was cute though, I wish him the best,” Walker wrote. Adding, “Can’t do that cheatin stuff.”

Jayda clapped back on The Shade Room, saying she learned her “lesson after ONE kid.” She added, “Mfs round here starting their own trends and tryna INSERT ME in for laughs on the shade room. NO.” 

Meanwhile, Dess didn’t lag too far behind, coming to her bestie’s defense.