LiB BOX New Season Beauty Edit

Prepare for an exciting September with our grand launch: the New Season Beauty Edit.

Discover essential products that transition your routine into cooler months. Our edit showcases makeup essentials boasting deeper, autumn-inspired hues, and skincare enriched with rejuvenating acids to reset your complexion after the sun-soaked summer days. Embrace the beauty of the new season with us.

Check out all of the brands coming this month as we shine the spotlight on new and exciting products coming your way. Brace yourself for FOUR brand showcases this month. 


Origins mission is to care for skin holistically using the power of plants and science. With over 30 years of Origins’ expertise in plant science and skin physiology, scientists at the Origins Biotech Discovery Labs strive to identify the high-performing, bioactive elements of ingredients and create transformative skincare formulas to improve how skin looks and feels.


Using natural formulations nurtured through science Sixways have curated an alternative answer to skin and health care, encouraging your body into good routines, and your skin into renewed health. Through advanced internal and external solutions, Sixways take a naturopathic approach to achieve holistic healing.


Bellapierre Cosmetics brings a luxury range of mineral makeup that combines rich pigments and minerals to ensure your skin not only looks amazing but also feels fantastic too. Free from parabens and primarily formulated with natural ingredients, Bellapierre creates inclusive cosmetics that are both gentle and safe, enhancing the beauty of your skin.


SANN’s concise yet comprehensive collection of products in flattering shade ranges cuts out choice fatigue, while each product feels intuitive to apply, practical to transport, and a joy to wear. SANN is about complimenting your real beauty, highlighting your inner healthy, radiant glow, and ensuring you feel good about what you put on your skin.


This polish brand offers safe and specialist skincare that treats problematic skin. Recommended by dermatologists, their no-fuss formulas offer dermatological solutions to treat the most common skin concerns.

The Naked Range

Born from the necessity to provide safe options and a desire to transform the search into an enjoyable experience, The Naked Range products are entirely devoid of synthetic, natural, or masking fragrances. Transparency is paramount: every ingredient is meticulously listed on our products, empowering you to choose confidently and carefree.

Skin Chemists

skinChemists is a British-born beauty company that traces its roots back to the 1800s. The founder, Mr. Walker, fused science and nature and was a pioneer of advanced, effective natural skincare. Today, those principles of caring, quality treatments, and delivering advanced results are at the core of what skinChemists does. They have one aim: to deliver targeted results – results that let you live the life you want to live.

e.l.f SKIN

Growing in popularity with every passing month, e.l.f, an American cosmetics brand hailing from California, is a cruelty-free makeup and skincare brand that prides itself on creating products for everyone using only the most talked-about ingredients.

Dr Organic

With natural and sustainable ingredients at the heart of all of their products, Dr Organic is a brand that is focused on bringing you the best that natural beauty has to offer. We love them for their dedication and research into centuries of traditions that allow them to develop groundbreaking botanical formulas.


With ingredients that are 98.8% natural, bursting with antioxidants and actives to bring out the best of your skin. Utilising the best plant oils, vegetables, essentials oils and botanicals, they deliver exceptional products that work.