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LEGO Kicks Off 2023 with a Jazzy New Set – Review Geek

The LEGO Jazz club sitting on a table. The included minifigs are smiling and waving outside the club.

After a long and frustrating year, it’s time to jazz things up a bit. LEGO is kicking off 2023 with the launch of its Jazz Club, a massive 1,899-piece set that includes eight colorful minifigures, a pizzeria, and a swingin’ jazz stage. The Jazz Club goes on sale January 4th for $230.

According to LEGO, the new Jazz Club is assembled in five distinct sections, which are subsequently joined into one big building. It’s also one of the few LEGO sets to use an angled doorway, which looks great when paired with the jazzy setting.

The Jazz Club’s exterior is very exciting, with a large sign, a marquee, and outdoor seating. But its interior goes a step further—it includes a jazz stage, an office, and a dressing room. And if you’re not a big jazz fan, this set includes a small pizzeria with a second-floor tailor shop and a rooftop garden.

The set also comes with eight minifigures; a jazz singer, drummer, bassist, club manager, magician, pizza chef, delivery driver, and tailor. If you want a pianist for your jazz band, I guess you need to host some auditions.

The new Jazz Club is part of LEGO’s Modular Buildings Collection, which encourages fans to build custom LEGO cities. Other sets in this collection include the Boutique Hotel, Bookshop, and Police Station. (These are very expensive sets, by the way.)

Again, the Jazz Club launches January 4th for $230. If you’re a VIP member, you can order the set starting January 1st.

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