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Kris Foster’s Motorcycle Was Stolen: Who Was the Thief? Was It Really Worth $50K?

On this week’s new episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Kris Foster received some rough news.

Despite past assurances that she would not, she had to return to Alabama to testify in court.

What was so important that she and Jeymi would have to postpone their wedding? Putting the thief who broke into her home and stole a valuable motorcycle behind bars.

Now, we have more information about the crime — and, possibly, the criminal himself.

Early into Season 4, Episode 6, Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera took a break from furniture shopping to discuss something serious.

Kris had received a message from her mother, who told her that Kris needed to appear in court. Kris was not in any trouble — she is the victim.

Unfortunately, the timing could not have been worse. Kris would need to be back in Alabama for just a few days, but those days would overlap with their planned wedding date.

Kris then opened up to the confessional camera about the crime that might force her to leave Colombia for a few very inconvenient days.

“Many months ago, a man broke into my garage and stole my rare motorcycle,” she revealed.

The motorcycle was a gift “that my dad had given me right before he passed away.”

“I planned on selling my rare bike to have that money to further our future together here in Colombia,” Kris told the camera.

Back in the furniture store, Kris confided in Jeymi that, were it not for their new life together, she would never have parted with such a treasured item.

“You were the only person that I would ever even remotely think about selling that bike for. You know?” Kris told her.

“So it was really, really hard to have it taken from me,” Kris expressed.

She emphasized that, as much as she loves Jeymi and is looking forward to marrying her, “I can’t not put this man in jail for what he did.” Understandable.

“That’s $50,000 that I lost from that that I was gonna have here,” Kris then added. “So I can’t just let this man walk free.”

Kris’ statement elicited a lot of fear and concern from Jeymi. One, she would have to change the wedding date.

Just a few days in advance, that would be a major headache at best. And, in this case, there was more to it.

Jeymi explained that it brought up old fears and old wounds — from the time when Kris had briefly ghosted her instead of coming to see her. That was a painful ordeal for them to move past.

But as for the crime itself that has thrown a wrench into their plans, well, the good folks at Starcasm took a look and did some digging.

The motorcycle in question was called a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. We do not know how it received her estimated value of $50,000, as one would not normally expect one to sell for more than $20,000 — and usually for less.

Additionally, even in the immediate aftermath of the theft in January 2021, Kris identified a suspect: Zane Crutcher.

There is someone by that name — someone with a criminal record around Kris’ hometown. But we cannot confirm that he is the culprit.

Meanwhile, it appears that authorities later recovered and impounded Kris’ motorcycle. Tragically, they left her on the hook for impound fees … even though she was the victim of a crime.

None of these revelations contain spoilers for Kris and Jeymi’s storyline. Perhaps Kris will be able to share more at the Tell All.

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