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Knott’s Berry Farm back open after closing park early due to fights

After a series of fights broke out at Knott’s Berry Farm on Saturday evening, park officials decided to close it early.

On Sunday, the park opened back up but not much light was shed on what exactly happened on Saturday.

A much calmer atmosphere at Knott’s than on Saturday.

“Everybody listen up. Listen up. There have been no shots. There are just a bunch of fights. It has been a crazy amount of fights, that’s why Knott’s is closing the park down,” a Knott’s employee said in a video obtained by CBSLA.

A series of fights and frightened guests ultimately forced park management to shut down Knott’s Berry Farm on a very busy Saturday night.

Buena park police started receiving 911 calls about the fights around 7:30 pm on Saturday.

Police did not find evidence of a shooting, according to CBSLA Reporter Rick Montanez.

Two people were taken to the hospital but their injuries were described as non-life-threatening.

Montanez talked to park guests on Sunday about the recent uptick in altercations at Knott’s Berry Farm.

“There’s more security and I think it’s because of what happened last night. We actually just dropped off my son. He’s a teenager, 14,” Paul Villagran told Montanez.

“It’s kind of ridiculous. They need to regulate who they bring in there, maybe. It didn ‘t used to be like this, so it sucks,” Brianna Ollivares said.

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