Last week, the Season 3 finale of The Kardashians managed to elicit some of the most genuine and delighted fan responses in ages.

How? With the face reveal of Khloe’s son, Tatum. The little cutie is too adorable for words — and he just turned one year old!

Kim is a very proud auntie, and she shared photos with her youngest nephew to mark the occasion.

But despite the adorable little fella, some fans were more focused on Kim’s features. Her face just looks way different!

Kim Kardashian smiles at the camera next to an equally delighted nephew, one-year-old Tatum Thompson, at the very end of July 2023. (Instagram)

We are beside ourselves at these precious photos of baby — or is it toddler? — Tatum Thompson.

Khloe Kardashian’s second child turned one year old on July 28. Just in time for the Season 3 finale to reveal his face to the world (albeit, in months-old footage).

We don’t always think of Kim as “the relatable one.” But the way that she makes a beeline for this little cutie is just common sense.

Kim Kardashian’s most relatable quality may be how obsessed she is with her nephew. She shared this fun photo and others to mark his first birthday on July 28, 2023. (Instagram)

“My baby Tatum Happy 1st Birthday!” Kim wrote alongside these photos late last week.

“OMGGGG you are such a smoosh,” she gushed. “The happiest baby boy of all time.”

Kim raved: “I can’t even tell you how loved you are and how special you are! You are Rob’s twin! LOL Your auntie loves you SO MUCH!”

In an Instagram caption following his face reveal, Kim Kardashian showered nephew Tatum Thompson with praise on his very first birthday. The family welcomed him into the world on July 28, 2022. (Instagram)

Khloe also commented: “Our Armenian boy.”

This of course is a reference to their Armenian heritage, and how heavily Tatum favors their side of the family (though we can definitely see some of his handsome father in his features, too).

However, Tatum’s face ended up out of focus for some fans as they did a double-take at Kim.

Kim Kardashian dons some duck lips next to a pensive and adorable looking Tatum Thompson. Her nephew turned 1 year old on July 28, 2023. (Instagram)

Wondering if you’re the only one noticing that Kim’s face looks slightly different? Look no further than what Kim’s own fans said in the comments.

“What’s going on here? I fell asleep and Kim has a brand new face,” one observed.

She’s sporting a low-makeup look in those pics. We don’t know if that’s the extent of the difference.

Kim Kardashian cradles adorable nephew Tatum Thompson on The Kardashians’ Season 3 finale. (Hulu)

“Is this Kim?” another asked. “I didn’t recognize her.”

“I said the same thing,” replied another.

An additional commenter wrote: “Almost didn’t recognize you, Kim.”

Face reveal! Kim Kardashian shows off nephew Tatum Thompson’s cute and “chonk” little face. (Hulu)

“Omg didn’t even know this was Kim,” remarked an Instagram user.

“I’m confused she looks completely different,” confessed yet another fan.

The working theory for “what happened to Kim’s face?” that commenters conjured up is that it’s “swollen” from some sort of treatment. Maybe it didn’t go well, or maybe it’s already settled down since she posted these snaps.