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Kiermaier’s deal with Blue Jays worth $9M over one year

The Toronto Blue Jays and Kevin Kiermaier have agreed to a one-year, $9-million deal.

Reports of the Blue Jays signing Kiermaier emerged over the weekend, but did not specify the details of the contract.

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Kiermaier’s addition gives the Blue Jays a left-handed outfield bat that they had reportedly sought after throughout the winter. Additionally, the ability to play a strong defensive centrefield could provide the Blue Jays with expanded flexibility on the defensive side of the ball.

The move signaled a domino effect in the Blue Jays offseason, as it kicked off a flurry of moves that also saw Toronto reportedly sign starting pitcher Chris Bassitt to a three-year, $63-million deal on Monday.

Kiermaier, 32, hit .228 with seven home runs and 22 RBI in just 63 games last year, limited due to a hip injury.

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