Kemi Badenoch clashes with Penny Mordaunt over transgender issue

Kemi Badenoch: It’s time to tell the truth. The truth is unless we change we will fail. I love this country, I chose it when I was 16. It is the best place in the world. And yet our country can still be so much better. Better for those working hard to make ends meet, flipping burgers at McDonald’s aged 16 all those years ago. The machine is not working. As an engineer I know how to strip things down and get them to work.

Tom Tugendhat: This evening is not actually about us, it’s not just about the Conservative Party, it’s about you, your country and your prime minister. The country is going through a crisis at home and challenges abroad. We know that people are asking the right question. We need a clean start, we all know that. I have a track record of leadership. I have suffered on operations and I have suffered in Parliament.

Penny Mordaunt: At some point all of you will have a vote, and you will see that not all politicians are the same. I’m not the traditional offer, I’m not the legacy candidate. I’m focused on the future and I want our nation to be all it can be and shine with the newfound freedoms our great democracy has determined it would.

Rishi Sunak: We all want to cut taxes so people keep more of their own money. The choice at this election is who can be trusted to grip this moment and get things done. I love our country and be in no doubt we are going to build a better future for our children and grandchildren. So the question is easy: Do we confront the challenges honestly and responsibly, or not? For me there is only one answer.

Liz Truss: We face grave challenges as a country. Now is not the time for a continuity of our current economic policy. We need to be bold, we need to do things differently, we need to cut taxes, we need to unleash growth. I am ready to go into Downing Street on day one and get the job done. I have a record of delivery in every department I’ve been in.

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