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Kelle Asks Joe Out On A Date – Hollywood Life

The tension is heating up on MILF Manor. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the January 22 episode, Kelle, 50, wants to make the moves on Jose, but his mom, Pola, 48, is a problem. “I feel like Jose’s interested in me, but I feel like I need to get him away from his mom. She’s great but she seems to be like showing up every time I try and talk to him,” Kelle says.

MILF Manor
Pola in the all-new episode. (TLC)

Jose steps away to get a cup for him and Kelle. Kelle doesn’t waste any time telling Pola her plans for Jose. “So Pola, I’m taking your son out on a date,” Kelle says.

Pola isn’t thrilled about the prospect of her son going out with Kelle. “I don’t like to say what I’m about to say but I really feel that Kelle’s like easy, and I don’t like that,” Pola admits in a confessional. “I know for Jose it’s really important to have values, so I really don’t believe Kelle’s the right girl for Jose.” And she means business.

Pola asks Kelle when she plans on taking Jose out, and that’s when Jose comes back and sits down. “I told your mom I want to take you out on a date,” Kelle tells Jose. He replies, “Let’s go.”

Kelle reveals to Jose that his mom wants to know when, and she’s not saying anything because she knows Pola will interfere. “She doesn’t need to know,” Jose quips. Well, Pola is not going to be happy about that.

Kelle wants to take out Pola’s son. (TLC)

MILF Manor follows 8 women leaving home to find love. Although they may be a few years older than the average dating show contestant, these women are not out of practice. Ranging from 40 to 60 years young, this vibrant group brings their unique life experiences to the game. They have decades of dating experience and will use it to find a lasting connection with men half their age. However, nothing can prepare them for a jaw-dropping surprise that will greet them at the front door. New episodes premiere Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC and is available to stream the same day on discovery+..

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