Whenever I see Keke Palmer, I can instantly hear her saying, “Baby, this is Keke Palmer” in my head. She is in fact that girl, and I’m just one of the many people who think that. Need proof? Go to the comment section on any of her Instagram posts, and you’ll see plenty. In fact, the praise was definitely worth it for her latest post, in which she looked absolutely stunning with glamorous waves and bright red nails. 

Palmer shared a short clip showing off her new look on August 1 with the caption, “The intrusive thoughts almost won, ‘crown town just left crown town!’ BUT ON THE REAL, I have a big announcement tomorrow. I can’t wait to share!!”

Her face was beat with a capital B. Her neutral cut-crease eye makeup paired perfectly with her glossy lips, which were coated with a light pink color. Her shiny hair was parted on the side and cascaded into old Hollywood waves that fell out of the camera’s frame. 

A few seconds into the video, we get a glance at her nails as she sips from her red solo cup. These long tips were filed into a square shape and coated with a vibrant red hue that matches her cup. It’s unclear what nail polish she used, but OPI’s Nail Lacquer in Big Apple Red, Sinful Colors Power Paint Nail Polish in Power Moves, or Essie’s Gel Couture Nail Polish in Rock the Runway are great options for a similar look. 

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