Keke Palmer has proven time and time again that she does not care about our livelihoods; she’s always making it hard to breathe whenever she drops a photo of her latest look or a hilarious clip. In her recent Instagram video, she combined two of her best qualities — her beauty and humor — to brag about the basically invisible lace front on her wig and the amazing hairstylist who installed it. 

Palmer starts the video, posted on August 6, with her forehead right near the camera while saying, “I want yall to understand who this lady is.” She repeats it, but the second time she adds, “What lace?!” 

Palmer continues to show off the lace-front wig, shouting phrases like “Get into it” and “Stop playing with me.” She ends the video with, “I’m trying to find it. I’m trying to find it. I can’t see it, call me John Cena.” The “it” she’s referring to is obviously the lace on her wig, and, of course, once she mentions the wrestler’s name, she waves her hand in front of her face in reference to his catchphrase. 

The lady who she wants viewers to know is hairstylist Tamika Gibson. For those unfamiliar with the world of wiggatry, Gibson is basically an OG in the industry who is known for her transformative work with wigs and extensions — and for creating various wig adhesives with her Bold Hold product line. Nowadays, she is typically educating other hairstylists and her followers through social media and the Hair Diagram, her educational platform, or occasionally working with celebrities such as Palmer. 

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