Keeping the arts flourishing in Hong Kong

A foray to West Kowloon is not complete without the Hong Kong Museum of Arts, which plays custodian to international fine art pieces curated through a local lens. It had a makeover in 2019 – just in time for its 60th anniversary this year.

With over 17,000 artworks, the museum’s collection impresses, while various exhibitions appeal to art enthusiasts and newbies alike. View elegant displays of Chinese paintings such as those from the Xubaizhai Collection, admire the mixed-technique pieces of Wu Guanzhong, and enjoy innovative installations that use augmented reality technologies.


Art, as a mode of expression, is indiscriminate in its medium. Digital artists have been around for a while, but blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have catapulted their rise. The first Digital Art Fair last year met with much success, and the second edition will take place across five zones in the West Kowloon Culture District from Sep 28 to Oct 5.

“NFT is just the technology that represents the digital ownership of these forms of media,” explained Mr Derry Ainsworth, creative director of Digital Art Fair and an NFT artist. “At Digital Art Fair, we aim to show the public all the infinite ways people are making artwork by digital means. We showcase these digital artworks in a physical event, giving a platform for artwork that was otherwise intangible before.”

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