Karel Funk “Project Room” Exhibition 303 Gallery NYC

Karel Funk is a Canadian artist best known for hyper-realistic paintings that often depict his subjects from the side or back. Featuring a highly detailed aesthetic that draws on the painting traditions of Renaissance and 17th Century Flemish art, New York’s 303 Gallery is currently showcasing a new exhibition by Funk, titled “Project Room.”

The suite of three paintings plays special emphasis on the captivating silhouettes found in modern-day outerwear and tech gear. By hiding the identities of his subject, Funk allows the viewer a magnified look at the often overlooked beauty in various garments that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. He achieves this effect by distorting his compositions in Photoshop, bringing a psychedelic effect that ruminates on form and refraction.

Funk’s shrouded figures are a deliberate method in which he prompts the viewer to investigate notions of selfhood in regards to strangers in the public realm. “Project Room” is currently on view at 303 Gallery.

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303 Gallery
555 W 21st St,
New York, NY 10011

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