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Kane County Officials Warn of Online Court Scam Using Zoom Chat – NBC Chicago

Officials from the Kane County Sheriff’s office and Kane County State’s Attorney’s office are warning of a recent online court scam in which residents receive a call from someone claiming to be a lawyer or public official working for Kane County judges during Zoom court calls.

According to officials, the scammer sends messages through the Zoom court call chat, asking the person to make a telephone call.

Once on the call, officials said the scammer asks the caller for photocopies of a driver’s license, bank statements and paystubs. The scammer then will tell the caller that a payment through a payment app, such as Cashapp, Zelle, Apple Pay or through gift cards will help them resolve their case.

Kane County officials have said in a statement that the person behind the calls is conducting a scam, and is not employed by the county or any judges.

The case remains under investigation, and anyone with information is asked to call the Kane County Sheriff’s office at 630-444-1103.

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